Friday, May 2, 2008

Weekend Update with Your Host, Angie

Well, TGIF! This week flew by in a blur, but boy am I glad. We've already had a very busy few hours around this house.

After staying up way too late last night watching the movie A Mighty Heart, I woke up feeling amazingly awake with only having about 4 hours sleep. I recommend the movie for anyone who's willing to hang with it for the first hour and 25 minutes because the last 20 minutes are worth it. Angelina Jolie's performance was GREAT, especially towards the end. I haven't been that moved by a performance in a very long time.

We hurried through breakfast and made it to the weigh in that I've been dreading all week. You know, sometimes, it just sucks being a woman trying to lose weight. I gained 2 lbs this week, but I'm still (just barely) winning the contest overall. Now, it's on! I have to pull out an overall win in 3 weeks so I have spending money for my big trip at the end of this month!

Speaking of travel, I am heading to Atlanta tomorrow to spend a couple of days with my best friend, Angela. Yes, we have the same name, but no one calls her Angie and no one calls me Angela, so it works out. School was a nightmare for us, as we've known each other since Kindergarten, but I digress. We're planning a weekend of seeing the new Patrick Dempsey movie and having, what I'm sure will be a hilarious night out, at Medieval Times. Stay tuned for details when I return!

Oh, one good thing that happened today was that Ailey had her 2 year old checkup and she got a clean bill of health! You can't ask for anything better than that. I was, however, surprised to hear the doctor's estimation of how tall she'll end up being. He's guessing around 5'6". That's taller than me! Lucky for her, it appears she'll get my hubby's frame because he's tall and lanky. Thank heaven for small favors.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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