Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Deck Project & Tomato Garden

Well, tonight was very productive in the home improvement arena! Actually, I guess this would classify as landscape improvement. Anyway, I got home late from work and was delighted to find that our deck is finished! Woo hoo!! Watch out neighbors, because the sun-bathing will now commence. Hubby is planning to add railing to this structure soon and we're going to stain it, but for my purposes, this project is done. Once it moves into the category of "safe for my kids to play on", then that's good enough for me.
The finished deck
Finished deck by the light of the moon

Hubby was so excited about his progress with the deck, that he was ready to move onto the next project. My original Mother's Day present was supposed to be my tomato garden. So, he decided to jump on this because it's supposed to rain here for the next several days and the window of opportunity was closing fast.

Tomato Garden space (8pm)

Finished tomato garden!! (11:30pm)

Hubby watering the new garden

He has worked so hard for the past several days and I'm really proud of him! We will be enjoying these new additions to our home for many years to come!


Rhea said...

Your hubby really has been working hard. I'm impressed. The deck is looking great and so is the tomato garden!

BTW, Chloe's picture on the side is very nice. Such a beautiful dog! Have you met my Annie yet? I've posted about her some but I don't have a picture of her up yet on the sidebar, I need to do that.

Angie said...

Thanks Rhea! Chloe is a looker for sure, but I might be a tad biased. Lol! I love the stuff you've done on Annie so far. Labs are awesome! My parents are giving consideration to adding one to their family. Looking forward to Annie's pic addition to your sidebar!


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