Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Running on Empty

It's 10pm and all is quiet in my house. That is unless you discount the sound of my leg muscles screaming in agony from the workout that I put them through this evening. I'm literally not sure if I'll be able to walk the 30 feet to my bedroom after I write this entry. I'm exhausted.

It's down to crunch time on my biggest loser competition and I'm feeling some extreme heat from my closest competition. She's the one who I started this whole contest idea with and she's been trash talking from minute one. I love her, but boy does she drive me crazy sometimes. After my pitiful performance at last week's weigh in, she closed the gap on my overall lead within .21%. I could literally hand her this win in 2 weeks if I don't get my rear end in gear!

Thankfully, hubby is trying to be supportive and urging me to stop making a monthly charitable donation to the YMCA that we joined 2 months ago. I just can't get my ducks in a row to get there with any kind of consistency. However, catching a glimpse of myself in a full length mirror this morning, pretty much gave me all the convincing that I needed. Yikes.

Well, this entry is not going in the direction that I had hoped, so I'm off to bed to recharge, regroup and hopefully wake up with a better attitude tomorrow morning!


Angela said...

Hey there! Hope you got some rest last night! You can do it!

I'll be joining you for this two week crunch time, except mine is going to be 5 weeks. That's all the time I have until our little backyard project is complete, and I can't put it off any longer! I walked last night and now I want to get three more workouts in (hopefully two runs) in this week.

I KNOW you can win this contest! Keep working hard!

Love and hugs!

Angie said...

Thanks! I'm feeling pretty well recharged this morning and I'm trying to get my diet back on track. That's always been my biggest stumbling block and I've faltered pretty badly over the last few weeks. Today is a new day!

Oh, I went to the bookstore yesterday and purchased Saving Dinner. I thought Jake was going to cry with excitement. Woo hoo!


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