Monday, May 12, 2008

The Deck Project - Day 3

So, we're in day 3 of this little project and major headway was made today. Yippee!! Hubby wasn't able to concrete the footers last night before bedtime, so that was first on the agenda this morning. This picture kind of shows the footers supporting the framework. This was around 10am this morning. Concrete took a while to dry, so he couldn't start laying the deck boards until after lunch. This didn't make him particularly happy.

Right after the girls went down for nap time, he was back outside working on laying the deck boards. This is really the most exciting part of this project because this is when you see the final product really coming to fruition. It's all very exciting!!

After leaving for a few hours for the kids show and dinner, we came back home and hubby immediately ran outside to start working again. He was determined to get as much done as he could, before the neighbors started complaining about hammering noise after 10pm. He got about half of the boards nailed down before he threw in the towel.

Before he called me outside to document today's progress, he went ahead and laid the remaining boards down, so I could get a feel for what the finished project is going to look like. I almost had a heart attack when I saw it. I can't wait for this to be done because this is going to be such a wonderful space for us all to enjoy this summer! Hubby is hoping to get the remaining boards nailed in tomorrow after work and then we're going to look at the railing part of this adventure. Stay tuned for more pics tomorrow!

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