Monday, May 26, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8 is Great

I am a huge fan of "reality" t.v. All the usual suspects like Survivor, The Amazing Race and The Girls Next Door are shows that I have watched religiously at one time or another. However, in recent years, a new type of reality t.v. has popped onto the grid and that's the kind that follows the lives of seemingly ordinary people. These are the shows that have sent my hubby running for the hills because he just doesn't get how I can watch these edited lives as entertainment!

One show in particular that I just cannot get enough of is Jon & Kate plus 8. I watch the show on TLC and my little heart almost exploded when I saw that today was an episode marathon!!! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Gosselin phenomenon, here's my really condensed summary. This lovely couple from Pennsylvania used fertility treatments to get pregnant and had twin girls. Then when trying to have 1 more child, they ended up pregnant with sextuplets (3 boys/3 girls). The show basically chronicles the challenges of raising 2 sets of multiples and gives the public a very small glimpse into what life is kind of like for this family. There are ups & downs, laughter & tears, kind words & harshness, but in the end, I really feel like you see how much this family works.

Now, there are a lot of haters out there who bash this family (especially the mom, Kate) for tons of reasons. Kate is a little high strung and she readily admits that she's a germaphobe, but I don't think there are many people out there who can honestly say how they would act in her shoes, while being filmed constantly. I know that as a full time mom of 2, there are things that I struggle with and I surely wouldn't want my life documented on film for the world to see. I can't imagine what it would be like with another 6 kids & a film crew on top of that! Plus, the fact that days of their lives are edited into a 30 minute show really can't possibly give the public a true perspective on what their lives are like. But, I love it all the same!

Ok, gotta get back to my show. There's only like 12 more episodes on today and I don't want to miss any! Ha ha!


Jenn loves Derek said...

I watched the J&K + 8 marathon today also. (well, just this evening.) Their kids are so cute. I do have to admit, I feel better about my busy life. After watching all that they endure, I feel like I have it easy with just 5 kids.

Angie said...

I totally agree, those kids are ADORABLE! The show definitely makes me feel better about my crazy life with 2 kids. I commend you on surviving with 5 in tow! That's great! Thanks for visiting!

danipug said...

I DVR this show, because I love it too. It always makes me feel much better as a mom. I love watching these kids grow. But one thing that irritates me is how she always has to refer to her food as organic. Organic lollipops, organic fluff. Every single episode. I also love the way she and her husband fight, just like Dave and I.

Angie said...

I agree about the whole organic thing. It does get a bit tiresome. I didn't know you could even get "organic" lollipops. And I had to laugh at the new eppy Monday where she talked about finally having organic marshmellow fluff. Hubby says that she & I are a lot alike in how we talk to our hubbys. I didn't notice that at all. :P


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