Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thank God It's Almost Friday!!

Hey folks! A friend that I don't get to talk with much these days called me out of the blue today. I was very happy to hear from her, but even more excited to hear that she's been reading my blog! I guess there are more of you out there than I thought! So, I then realized that I hadn't written since Monday and thought that I at least needed to give a quick update before my wild & crazy weekend.

I feel like I started this week, already behind. Monday morning came and I felt like it was already Wednesday. Geez! We've had lots of activities, which is nothing new. Thankfully, this week has wrapped up our music classes until Fall, so we get a break from that. I've been feverishly scheduling the couple of Summer classes that I want the girls to participate in. Swim classes and a fairytale ballet class are the 2 that we are tackling so far. I'm really hoping to utilize the several area museum memberships that we've got. The Tennessee Aquarium is at the top of that list! We've got a real gem in that facility and we just don't get there as often as I would like.

Last night, hubby surprised me with a babysitter and date night! That was a HUGE surprise, because ever since tiny tot #1 arrived (3.5 years ago), couple time has been reduced to waving goodbye as the other leaves for work or occasionally watching a favorite t.v. program together. Thankfully, he's jumped on board the Grey's Anatomy and Top Chef bandwagons, so I at least don't have to watch alone! We enjoyed a wonderful kid-free dinner at a local favorite, Tony's Pasta, and then Jake challenged me to a game of bowling. Big mistake. Due to my hatred of P.E. classes and the fact that my college required 2 P.E. classes for graduation, I opted for a recreational sport class...and it was bowling. Yes, I took bowling as a credit class in college and I loved it. And I got an "A" in the class and it was HARD! The teacher was a fanatic about the sport and did not take kindly to students who took his class for what was rumored to be an easy "A". So, I mustered up my skills from college and proceeded to whip Jake's tail by 50 points the first game! I was quite proud. Not one to take defeat easily, he challenged me to a 2nd game and then proceeded to beat me by 12 points, but I am still reeling from my victory! We ended the night shopping at Toys R Us for birthday party gifts for 2 friends and then coming home to enjoy a new episode of Criminal Nights. How exciting huh?

Well, my youngest is literally climbing my leg because she wants to watch those videos that I posted here last week. See, I told you they loved them!


Angela said...

I am SO proud of Jake!! I can't believe it! I know you had a wonderful time. And I, too took bowling in college. LOVED it!

Is Tony's Pasta the same place that used to be up on Signal? Owned by Mrs. Piccolo's husband? That was YUMMY!

Can't wait to see you this weekend!!!

Angie said...

Bowling is great! I'm not sure if it's the same Tony's Pasta from Signal, but it sure is yummy! I'll check into that angle and let you know. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!


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