Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A New Look

Ok, so I was getting bored with the look of my blog and decided to change things up a bit. I've been looking at others sites and gleaning all sorts of wonderful ideas. My question is, what would you like to see on my blog? I plan to add way more sites to my surfing list and you already know what tunes I like. Any suggestions on cool things I should add?


Angela said...

Be sure to post your 100 things list separately, so it doesn't disappear as you post more :-)

You can also get a League of Extraordinary Wives "widget" if you want, like on my site (scroll down and you'll see it).

I have been playing around with the various templates on blogger, but haven't found any I'm crazy about yet. Still hanging with the one I've chosen for now.

Love ya!

Rhea said...

Good luck with your deck project!

There are some fun, interactive widgets out there that can be super entertaining.

I want a new look for my site too.

Angie said...


I'm working on getting some widgets into play and I'm definitely going to link the 100 things about me. Thanks for the input!

Luv ya too!

Angie said...

Thanks Rhea! I'm praying for an easy project for a change. I know the bathroom is going to be zero fun. Your site is one that I've been eyeing, so you might start to experience some deja vu pretty soon. Ha ha!

Rhea said...

awww, I'm flattered! Are you sure you've been looking at MY site? Surely you must be confusing it with someone else's... lol

Angie said...

Rhea, you're too modest! I love your blog and think you're so funny. And yes, I am a well-known idea borrower, so consider yourself warned. Ha ha!


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