Friday, May 23, 2008

I AM The Biggest Loser!

Happy Friday everyone! Today is a GREAT day because I have been crowned The Biggest Loser in the 20-week competition that I've been participating in! Excited doesn't even begin to describe what I'm feeling at the moment. I weighed in with a 5 lb loss this week, which not only puts me at a 25.2 lb loss for the competition, but also puts me back in the 100's, where I haven't been in many years. Woo hoo!!

Ahem...(tapping the microphone)
I would like to thank all of my friends who trash talked for the last 5 months. Without you, my urge to strangle you competitive drive might not have been as strong as it was. I thank my girls for driving me crazy keeping me busy, so that I really didn't have to time to think about all the food I was missing. I also thank my loving hubby, who has never given me a hard time about my weight and has tried very hard to be supportive! I share this honor with you (not the jackpot of cash, though) because I couldn't have accomplished this alone!

With my big winnings, I do plan to blow it on my trip next week, so fear not, I will be doing my part to bolster our economy. Thank you all!


Angela said...

Woohoo!! Congratulations girlfriend! You earned that cash, now have fun spending it next week!

Rhea said...

Congrats on winning (or losing?!)!! You must feel so good about losing so much weight! You go, girl!

I'm behind on visiting my favorite blogs this week due to my dad being in the hospital. He's better now.

Love the pictures of Chloe! She's a beautiful dog.

Did I hear you mention a giveaway? Can't wait to hear more about that!

Angie said...

Angela: Thanks! I'll definitely have lots o' fun spending it on my adventure next week!

Rhea: Thanks on both accounts! I can't believe that I've lost that much already! I'm glad your dad is doing better. I didn't realize he was in the hospital. Sorry i missed that! Chloe is definitely a looker (& a keeper)! And yes, a giveaway will be announced this weekend. Stay tuned!

Jules said...

Way to go Angie! You rock!!!


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