Monday, May 5, 2008

A Knight to Remember

This past weekend was so great! I drove to Atlanta on Saturday morning and spent the day with my best friend. You know, girlfriends are awesome, but best girlfriends are one in a million. We had a yummy lunch at Taco Mac and then power shopped for a couple of hours, at the wonderful Mall of Georgia. I did minimal damage, miraculously! We then caught the new "McDreamy" movie, Made of Honor. Very cute and will definitely be one that I purchase for my personal collection. Of course, Patrick Dempsey could pretty much walk on screen and just smile and I would buy it. We then made a mad dash to Discover Mills to catch an evening show at Medieval Times. This was so worth it!

We laughed until we cried and cheered for our yellow knight who ended up saving the kingdom and winning the fair hand of the princess. How exciting! We enjoyed seeing the horses and the neat tricks that the handlers had them doing. And we enjoyed watching the very cute knights do battle with each other. The ultimate thrill came after the show finished and we made our way into the lobby area. Just as we were getting ready to leave, the knights made their way into the crowd for autographs and photo-ops. We were immediately 13 years old again! With giddy nervous laughter, we pushed our way through the crowd to our favorite knights and asked for photos with them. They happily obliged, as any good gentleman would, and we laughed all the way to car! We will definitely be returning to this venue for another night out and hopefully we'll run into our favorite knights again! Enjoy the photos and video!

Best Friends Forever
My Blue Knight

Horse Tricks Demonstration

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Angela said...

We've got to plan our next MT trip. Maybe we'll go again when you come down in Sept!


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