Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Deck Project - Day 2

So, hubby worked until about 11pm last night doing the really not fun stuff. Nobody in the house got much sleep last night (I guess because we're all too excited about this deck project). So, an early start happened this morning.

The supervisor, Chloe, clocks in for work at 8:30am. She wants to know where her laborer is.
Hubby makes it out a few minutes later, assessing his handywork from last night and hoping that the light of the moon didn't mislead him. Everything appears to be in order.

So, the kids & I were gone for the better part of the day and then naptime ascended upon us. I tackled the master bedroom declutter again while the kiddos slept and before I knew it, the time was almost 5pm. I slipped outside to check on the progress and he had the framing well under way. He's doing the project 100% solo, so I'm impressed with how quickly he's moving.

My parents wanted to take us out to dinner for Mother's Day, but hubby wanted to stay and keep working. This deck has pretty much turned into my present for tomorrow, so he's really motivated to try and get it done. How sweet! The girls & I left for dinner and when we returned 2 hours later, hubby had made TREMENDOUS progress! The framing is about 90% complete. He's out there right now putting the last support posts in and concreting all of them.

He says he's going to wait until tomorrow to do the actual decking across, but knowing him, I have a feeling I'll be going to sleep to the hum of a hammer in the backyard.


Rhea said...

Love seeing the deck progress! What a great Mother's Day gift.

Love the dog...I mean, job foreman's picture. lol

Angela said...

Love the pics! Tell Jake he's doing an awesome job! And what a sweet hubby to keep working in the dark!

Angie said...

I'm really excited about the progress! This is the first time I've actually remembered to take pictures from beginning to end. Jake is working so hard on this and I'm really in awe of what he's accomplished. Now, if that lazy foreman (Chloe) would pitch in a paw and help rather than laying down on the job all the time! LOL!


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