Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Deck Project - Day 1

Technically, yesterday was Day 1, so I'm going to backtrack a bit here. Hubby worked late into last night doing the "pre-work" work. I'm not very handy, so of course, nothing is ever as easy as I would have it be. I just thought he basically would nail some boards together and voila...instant deck! Ok, so I didn't think it would be quite THAT easy.

The scene in our garage as some of the lumber assembled here. The white boards are part of the shelving project for the kids rooms. I told him those had to be painted before anything was even started on the deck. The shelving project is something I've been asking for months to be done.

This is part of our backyard. Hubby is working hard to repair some water damaged wood under the french doors. The concrete slab that he's sitting on has been there forever and manages to trap water against the house every time it rains. Lucky us. Here's the rest of the lumber.

My little tomato plants. I'm so proud! I picked them out all by myself, but that's where my contribution to all this ends. That's the best for everyone involved. I got 6 Big Boy plants and 1 Cherry plant. I can taste those wonderful red fruits already!!

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