Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Hat Lady

Being a woman in this day & age, I find myself wearing many different hats within a single hour. I can start an hour with my chef's hat, then add my chauffeur's cap and round out that 60 minutes with my personal shopper chapeau. When you add in the "real" jobs that I actually get paid U.S. dollars for, well, my closet is bursting with the various sizes and shapes that those hats bring to the game.
Yesterday was a really hectic day as my, previously tiny beanie that I was wearing for one of my jobs, all of sudden turned into a 10-gallon cowboy hat! Suffice it to say that I am a bit overwhelmed with my sudden increased responsibility and am trying to figure out a way to redistribute some of these hats onto a hat rack for a while, so I can get back to doing what I really love: raising my kids and blogging of course!
I did manage to spend a lot of time yesterday checking out new blogs that I've come across and to glean some inspiration from ones that I lurk on pretty regularly. And so, having said that, brace yourself for an announcement later this week. In an attempt to lure some lurkers out of hiding and to welcome some new surfers to my site, I think I'm going to do a giveaway. Yes, I'm crazy! In the spirit of decluttering some of the wonderful treasures that I have here, I think I'm going to giveaway a nice jackpot of goodies that just don't have room in my residence anymore. Details to come!


Kat said...

Oh, fun. So...what does that Ed McMahon hat look like? :-)

Angie said...

Ha ha! I'm thinking a brown golf hat with a pair of large black rimmed glasses to go along with it! :-)


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