Friday, May 30, 2008

Maine Trip - Day 1 recap

Well, after a small plane delay yesterday, we finally made it to my little slice of heaven...Maine! We're in the southern coastal area and it's absolutely gorgeous. The weather has been beyond perfect so far (a bit breezy, high of 68) and the people are just as nice as I remember. I'm so glad to be "home". I think that's part of why I love it up so here so much. I feel like I've come home, rather then left home to come here. Ok, it's way too early for philosophical, so here are some pics.

Upon arrival, we picked up our land yacht. Apparently, Avis lost my memo on needing a small vehicle.

Then, rather than wasting time checking into the hotel, we went to the most important place on our list.

So, that I could purchase the most important item on my list.

And we met some locals while we were there.

All in all, it was a great first day. We got some serious shopping accomplished before our heads hit the pillow last night and I slept like a rock. This Hilton has the most comfy hotel bed I have EVER slept in. However, they need to work on the drapery in the room, because I was a little annoyed to be woken at 5am this morning to this scene peeking through my window.

The sun was completely up and shining before 5am, so I guess it felt I needed to quit wasting time sleeping this morning! That's ok, because every waking minute that I can enjoy this place, just makes me smile even more. Happy Friday everyone and I'll have more travel updates later tonight. And while you're waiting on the update, how about entering my summer giveaway contest? Only a couple of days left to enter!


Angela said...

Wahoo! Looks like tons of fun! Do you go to Le Creuset today? Can you tell *I* want to go to Le Creuset!?

That same thing with the sun coming up early happened to us last year, when we went to visit my relatives in Ottawa. In early June, the sun comes up there at (as you said) like 4:45. By 5:15 or so it's blazing into the room, and that hotel too had no decent curtains. I had to use my eye shade thingy from the plane. I was like HOW do you people get any rest around here!?

Have fun!

The Hubby said...

More footwear????.....Argggghhhh!

Angie said...

Angela, Le Creuset was finally visited today (Saturday). I should have an entry on that wonderful experience later this evening. And yes, this early morning sun crap is for the birds.

Angie said...

Hubby: Yes...more footwear. I suggest you clean out your side of the closet, smartass. :-) Love ya!

Kat said...

How fun. I have never been to Maine. Is this just a shopping trip? :-) One of my favorite smutty book writer lives/sets her stories there. And then of course there is Stephen King. The pictures of the shore are just gorgeous. But then again...there is LL Bean and Le Creuset...

Angie said...

Kat, We always do a LOT of shopping up here, but this time I actually wanted to do some more tourist kind of stuff. We managed to squeeze some of that in. Check out the update for Day 2 for details. :-)


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