Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"The dream is dead" or "Fun with Dentistry"

Well, it's official gang. There will be no bathroom remodel home improvement project this year. Bummer.
I don't know if things work this way in your house, but here's a typical scenario in mine. We find out that we're going to get a tidy little sum of cash and we immediately start dreaming of all the wonderful ways we can spend it. Then the money arrives and we sit on it for a few days, because we know that doom is coming. And last night, doom arrived, right on schedule!
The deck project is well under way and I was beginning to plan the bathroom project when my tooth broke. Yes, I was enjoying a wonderful chocolate chip cookie and that blasted tooth broke in half. I know, I shouldn't have been eating the cookie, but stay on point here folks. Luckily, the tooth wasn't causing me excruciating pain, but I knew that an emergency trip to the dentist was in my future.
So, I've just returned from the dentist...less $500 in my bank account. Ouch! (That hurt worse than the tooth) And I get to return to see them next week to offer them my right arm in exchange for a lovely root canal and permanent crown. Woo hoo, it's my lucky day!
Hope your day is going better than my Toothache Tuesday!


Rhea said...

I'm sorry the bathroom project is dead for now...but glad you're taking care of your teeth! I went to the dentist today for a filling and sealant on four teeth. It does cost an arm and a leg!

Angie said...

Thanks Rhea! These dentists have definitely got quite a deal going. Of course, if I had to work in peoples mouths for 8 hours a day, I would charge more than an arm & a leg!


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