Thursday, January 1, 2009

Angie's 2009 "To Do" List

Here it is, the first day of 2009. Ideally, the first day of the new year brings about people scrambling, trying to list all of their "resolutions" for the upcoming year. I was one of those people for many years. And every year, I would break those resolutions, sometimes in record time. I'm convinced that, for me, it was the term "resolution" that set me up for failure year after year after year. And so, last year, I put my foot down and decided that the term "resolution" was no longer part of my vocabulary. (At least where the New Year was concerned)

With that, I bring you "Angie's 2009 To Do List"! This list will hang in my bathroom for the next year (just as my 2008 list did) because I need a constant reminder of my "to do" list if I ever have hope of accomplishing anything on it. So, let's see what I'm planning to do this year.
  1. Put together and implement a budget that actually works and one that I will keep up with regularly
  2. Eliminate the majority of our financial debt
  3. Finally finish the Patten Chapel cross stitch (Editors note: I started this before I got married 12 years ago and made significant progress on this last year. It's a portrait of where hubby & I married.)
  4. Start & finish the Bambi cross stitch for Little A's room
  5. Continue the weight loss adventure and wear a size 6 jeans by December 1st
  6. Implement date night once a month with hubby
  7. Make significant progress on my novel and blog regularly
  8. Finish decluttering the house
  9. Get the scrapbooks up to date
  10. Be more open with people

I know it seems like a long list and there's definitely a lot that I want to accomplish. Some of these are hold overs from 2008 I must admit, but that's ok. I made progress on many things last year and I know that 2009 will be even better!

So, what's one thing on your "to do" list for 2009 that you're hoping to accomplish?


Elizabeth said...

I don't really make New Year's resolutions, but I suppose that dieting is my continued goal. I gained 45 lbs after the wedding -not right after, but relatively quickly - and am now trying to shed it. I've lost 20 so far (started in Nov) but still have another 40 or so to go.

Shannon said...

I could so use this same list... well, except for the cross-stitch ones!

Michelle said...

Ahhh... good to do list. FYI -- for some to do lists, I've found that sub-bullets of *how* I'm going to do some of those to do's makes a huge difference in actually getting them done (that and smaller goals like starting the Bambi by April, 1/4 through by June, 1/2 through by Sept, etc). Good luck to you on all of them!

And size 6, wow. Good luck there. I've NEVER been a 6 (as in I skipped that part while growing up), but I was *this* close at the beginning of last summer before I decided I was close enough and didn't need to track what I was doing anymore. Now? Yeah those size 8s aren't so loose anymore. Oops. Needless to say, I was at the gym today ;)

My resolutions? Yesterday's post. It's all about doing one thing for me guilt free daily. Today, I ran. Yay me!

Bylinda and James said...

That's a great list Angie. You are very ambitious!! I'm sure you'll accomplish all that you want. Happy New Year!

Angela said...

Great job on the list! I know you can do all that AND more.

You know what's at the top of my list this year! LOL But I also lots of other goals that are similar to yours. We can work on them together!

Love and hugs!

Jennifer said...

i think a to do list is the way to go, it is way more doable. :)

your list sounds awesome and i'm sure you will achieve most, if not all your to-do items, and if not you will at least put a dent in them. :)

happy 2009!


Diana said...

I don't "resolve" to do anything specific, but I would like to yell less, complain less, and accomplish more! Good list ANGIE!

Kat said...

I resolve to not resolve. But I love a to do list. Love making a list with things to cross off.

Like I need to buy new pillows. Cause ours are gross. I was looking for new ones the other day - and they were all like $99 each. Have those people not heard about the econonmy?

JANE said...

For me 2 things in fact posted on them today. First, new attitude = more chilling and less exploding or imploding! Second, Big Daddy has to get some weight off per his Doc., so we're all going to get healthy this year and, cross your fingers, I'll lose some (lots) doing it!!

Tiffany said...

I am de-diet coking presently. My caffeine headache is finally subsiding although I am getting rather bored with plain old water. ick. And if you read my latest blog entry, you'll understand why I need to have the water. I have the need to need. It's a losing battle.

I'm with you on the size 6 jeans. Love that. Can't cross-stitch but would love to know how. Decluttering is always a good thing and since I love to "keep for later", I'm certain a good decluttering is in order. The budget is great as well. Cant always use a budget that works in reality and not just on paper. And eliminating financial debt? Yep.

Hey Angie, can you make a copy of your to-do list and email it to me? ;)
Thanks! hee hee

Brandy said...

$99 pillows??? Where is she shopping?

My one big "to do" this year is to get healthy. I know it's cliche but I must do it. I've got a physical scheduled for the 15th and I know my doc will talk a lot about weight loss. I'm hoping it shames me into getting off my arse.

American in Norway said...

Good luck with your list... I have yet to post mine.... It is over on my desk with the Christmas cards I have yet to send out...


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