Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holiday Recap ~ Part 1

Friends have been asking me for some holiday pics. I've been out of touch with most everyone lately and I flaked on doing my annual holiday letter & picture. If I can pull some pennies together, I'll be sending out a "Happy January" letter. Ha ha! In the meantime, here's the beginning of the holiday picture onslaught. All I can say is be careful what you wish for.
Today, we'll be reviewing one of my favorite traditions...the building of the gingerbread houses! I have been known in my mommy circle to be a little overly competitive when it comes to building these houses. For the past 2 years, I've gotten together with several friends and their kids to have a building party. Unfortunately, due to craziness, we had to fly solo on the mission this time around.
Here's Little A working very meticulously on her roof (notice me NOT micro managing)
Here's Big A working diligently (notice Grandma micromanaging? See where I might get that from?)

Little A is VERY proud of her home progress! She decorated the roof all by herself after I put the icing on.

Big A was equally proud of her culinary achievement thus far!

No project is complete without enjoying the fruits of your labor. In this case, it was iced gingerbread cookies. There's nothing better!

Little A was a HUGE fan of the icing. The cookie, not so much.

Little A proudly displays her finished confection construction

Big A is very excited to show off her finished house and grandma's iced cookies

We all had such a great time! However, next year, I'll have to get some moms together again so I can show off my mad gingerbread house building skills. Because I'm not competitive or anything. Ahem.


Shannon said...

They are so cute. Me and my girls will have to join you next year!

JANE said...

This was the first year we didn't do it! I have never been able to get those things to stand up right!! Ya'll did a great job! Next year, maybe me and the girl can run off and leave those boys behind and join you!!

Kat said...

How fun. Can I send my girls to you? Cause I am so not making that mess here :-)

Brandy said...

There houses turned out so cute! Did you bake the gingerbread or buy the kit? I'm thinking it's one of those things I would like...for the first 10 minutes and then not so much.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

We do that, but just use graham crackers. You should see some of the monstrosities we have built over the years...

Looks like the girls had a BLAST!

Kelly said...

I think I left the comment on Shannon's blog when she posted her kid's house that everyone looks so calm and happy. Notsomuch at my house...the whole process stresses me out.

Michelle said...

We used to go wayyyyy overboard with making gingerbread houses when I was younger. My aunt would let us choose the house design and she'd bake them, then we'd go to the store and buy it out and then spend HOURS decorating. We had ponds and everything. I need to start this tradition with the wee ones.

Your houses look great -- now wonder the As were so proud!

Angela said...

Excellent artistry on the houses! Great job girls! They look so proud of themselves. That will be a fun tradition for them as they grow up!


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