Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spot's Sunday Entertainment Roundup

The Movie Roundup

Moving - This Richard Pryor classic gives new meaning to the terms "bad day" as well as "neighbor from hell". And it's freakin' hilarious!

The Dark Knight - Oh my, Christian Bale never looked so good. And for the guys, there's lots of action and things blowing up. Two thumbs up on this one.

Reign Over Me - I've been avoiding this movie for months because of the subject matter. After realizing that it's been on my DVR since August, I sucked it up. I love Don Cheadle. He's such a great actor. Adam Sandler gives a GREAT performance as a 9/11 widower who has completely lost his way. Overall, it was a pretty decent movie, but it moved too slow. They could cut out 30 minutes of material and I wouldn't have missed it.

The T.V. Roundup

Confessions of a Teen Idol - VH1 has reached epic proportion with really crappy programming in the last few years. You might think this would dissuade me from watching their newest offering. You would be wrong. This show has gathered 7 former "teen idols" who want to be back in the spotlight. It's tragic and yet, I watched the whole episode and created a series record on my DVR. Now THAT'S tragic. Sigh.

Spectacle: Elvis Costello with... - I love music. All kinds of music. My iPod is a discombobulated mess of bluegrass, pop, classical, kids, movie soundtracks, country and everything in between. Which is why I knew I would love this show. It appears on the Sundance Channel and it's a "talk" show of sorts. Elvis Costello hosts the show in a theater and has a different guest musician on each week. The guests talk about their history in music and there are always performances. It's a fabulous show. So far, I've only seen the eppys with Elton John and The Police as guests, but I'm looking forward to going back and watching his shows with Lou Reed and Tony Bennett and his upcoming show with Rufus Wainwright.


Cristin said...

I finally saw The Dark Knight... and I think I may be the only person on the planet who didn't like it... Heath was the only thing I liked.. ok and Christian...but the story was a mess... I couldn't even tell you what it was about...

Brandy said...

I fell asleep during The Dark Knight so I will have to actually watch it before commenting.

As for VH1, I am watching the Confessions of a Teen Idol show too. It's like a car wreck that you have to look at...but have you seen "Tool" show. I'm not even sure what the name is but it's a bunch of buff guys ala Charm School. Weird. Really weird and I don't undertstand the purpose.

Still watched the whole episode though.

Kat said...

I love Elvis Costello. Have you read "Bet Me" by Jennifer Cruise?

did you see him on Stephen Colbert's Christmas show?

Lula! said...

I JUST read about this show in EW--didn't even know it existed. But hello--RUFUS WAINWRIGHT? I will totally be watching...I adore him.

And Elvis Costello...and his wife, Diana Krall. Good times.


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