Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Micromanaging Kids Crafts

While my brother & his wife were in town for the holidays, they brought the girls some gifts from their most recent travel excursion...Iceland. Yes, those crazy kids went to Iceland during Winter. But that's a blog post for another day.

One of the gifts they gave them was ceramic piggy banks that they can paint and personalize. Perfect! Both my girls love to paint and this was a great bonding project for their uncle & aunt.
Here's my brother helping Big A get this project started

And here's my sis-in-law helping Little A

Big A doesn't like much direction when it comes to art, so she had a good pairing with my brother. He doesn't micromanage, thankfully.

Little A doesn't like direction either, but she's a bit more easygoing. She was off and running with her favorite color...BLUE!

Big A changes her favorite color everyday, so it was no surprise that she utilized every color in the paint set

I love this picture because of the whole tongue hanging out cuteness. She made this funny sound with her mouth the ENTIRE time she painted. We were all laughing hysterically by the end.

And here we have Little A's finished project. It's very her.

And here's Big A's work of art. Again, it's very her.

I baked the pigs in the oven for 10 minutes to make the paint jobs permanent and now both are in their new homes on each girl's shelf. And I'm proud to report that each pig's belly is getting full as both of my girls are good savers so far. Yay!


Shannon said...

The tongue pic is the best!

Smoochiefrog said...

They did such a great job! They should be so proud!

Kat said...

Cute piggies. Katie has a bank that looks similar. And Madalyn has an owl that my uncle made. Both love to save. But they especially like to raid my purse for coins and take them for their own. I think they are getting the hang of this capitalism thing :-)

Lula! said...

Oh how we love crafts involving paint. When we're at someone else's house, that is.

Bylinda and James said...


Your girls are so beautiful!!

Brandy said...

These are the same people who disliked Disney? But they went to Iceland. In the winter. Crazy kids.

I would have so micromanaged this. Like I did the gingerbread house. That my nephew was supposed to do...but he was doing it all wrong! Or so I thought anyway.

They turned out adorable. And age appropriate, which the house did not.

Michelle said...

Oh how fun! I love how they got to paint their own little piggies. And that you let them! ;)


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