Friday, January 23, 2009

Knowledge is...profitable

This week has been sliding downhill steadily as sickness has once again invaded our household. Big A started it, Little A followed closely behind and now I have come down with some sort of coughing/sneezing/stuffed up fun. So as not to let this linger on for weeks, I took the girls to the pediatrician's this morning for something to nip this in the bud. However, before I left, I scoured the Sunday paper from last week for pharmacy ads offering giftcards for filled prescriptions.

After a relatively painless trip to the dr, we set out for Walgreen's with 2 prescriptions and 2 coupons in hand for a competitor pharmacy. I had heard rumor that Walgreen's was great about honoring competitor coupons. Apparently, my local Walgreen's didn't get that memo. They acted a bit surprised when I politely left with all of paperwork in hand and told them that "I was SURE that another pharmacy would honor the coupons." And I was right.

I've often cheered for CVS and the great deals consumers can get there if they're willing to do the legwork to get coupons and wait for sales. And today, CVS gets another huge cheer from me! They honored the competitor coupons and I walked out of there with medicine for my girls (at a very reasonable price) and a $50 giftcard that will be used quickly I'm sure. Thank you CVS!

Now, medicine, GET TO WORK. I need well kids soon so I can get some things done around this house!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Way to play the system there girlfriend!!!

Brandy said...

Heck yeah! I love me some CVS...for many, many reasons including my $73 purchase that I got for FREE tonight! Woot!

Brandy said...

Oh and I hope the girls get to feeling better soon! I got so excited about CVS that I almost forgot to send them some well wishes.

Michelle said...

Nicely done! Is it wrong that I've never been to a CVS? I've heard miraculous things about them but that's about it...

Hope the girls (and you!) feel better soon!

Shannon said...

First, what is up with y'all's immune systems??!!?!!?! Seriously!

Hope you're all feeling better by now..

I've never played the CVS game... I keep hearing about it, though. I think it's time I looked into it more!


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