Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Rewind...Get the Funk Out

This year has been so wild. The past few weeks in particular have been way more adventurous than I like to get involved in. I've been in a major funk for weeks now, wallowing about misfortune, bad timing, economic woes, and a whole list of other things. So, I'm spending this final day of 2008, having the last dance at my self-pity party so I can let this year go and start fresh tomorrow. I mean, as bad as things have been at times this year, I should really be thanking my lucky stars for a whole host of things.

I have a home that's warm and filled with the sweet voices of my kids playing with way too many toys from Christmas. I have a reliable car to drive and a job to drive it to. My family is healthy. My pantry is stocked. And, I have wonderful friends, both new and old, that I know I can count on in the best and worst of times. I am truly very lucky!

I hope that 2009 brings a fresh start and the dose of perspective that I need to remind me that no matter what is going on in my life, there is someone out there dealing with something far worse. And to help me keep my "to do" list for 2009 in check, I'll be posting that here tomorrow.

Happy New Year everyone!


Kori said...

And you should still have plenty of chocolate to bandgae those woes you are having. Although if it was me there wouldn't be any left. I mean I'm just saying. Love ya bunches Angie and 2009 is gonna be just fine.

sticky said...

Hi Angie -

Dude! Just what I wanted to say!! Really I think we might be living parallel's your hair been lately? That may be the only difference!

I'm thinking of kicking myself in my depression and starting the new year fresh. Thanks for saying it better than I could!


pam said...

Isn't it great that we are given a fresh start on Jan 1st? All the best in 2009,

Diana said...

Great post! I need to talk to you and get the Diseny low down.

JANE said...

As blessed as I am, I am really looking forward to a new year. Usually it's just a little woo-hoo it's here, but this year it's a BIG WOO-HOO it's here, time for a big attitude adjustment!!

Kelly said...

Happy New Years!! Get outta the funk...loved the post; I SO hear you!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

2009 will hold all kinds of adventures sweetie... :) I'm proud of you for seeing what youdo have.


Michelle said...

Wallowing in woes? What ARE you talking about? ;) You just got back from Disney and had an awesome trip. Remember the good and let the bad roll off your back like a duck does water.

Happy New Year!

Angela said...

I can definitely tell you've been in a funk, my friend! You are never as quiet as you have been. Call if you need anything or just to talk! We'll be around all weekend. Love and hugs!


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