Saturday, July 19, 2008

So far, this weekend is off to a great start!

Since many one of you was interested in how my hideous "to do" list was coming along, I decided to share my good news! Let's review the list and check to see what's been marked off so far.

1. Cleaning my whole house. And by cleaning I mean, picking up and vacuuming. Expecting to get anything else done is merely setting myself up for failure. (No progress yet, but expect an update tomorrow)
2. Finishing Little A's baby scrapbook. I made tremendous progress last night, thanks to my buddy Lisa!
3. Organize all of my scrapbooking supplies. This is going to be a huge job, but I know I can do it. And it will help me scrapbook more efficiently, which is so much fun! (in progress)
4. Fix an awesome dinner for my family on Sunday. (planning is underway)
5. Catch up on my google reader.
6. Upload the remainder of my photos to Shutterfly. (almost complete)
7. Clean out my inbox's on all 4 of my email accounts.
8. Hopefully put a stamp of approval on my new blog design. Oh yeah, I'm super excited about this! (i've approved the majority of it. woo hoo!!)
9. Get in 1 workout. (maybe tomorrow?)
10. Get stuff tagged for next week's consignment sale. (maybe tonight's project)
11. Get photos taken for my friend's eBay auctions.
12. Balance the checkbook.
13. Get some rest. (need to move this to next month's list)

And I almost forgot to share my great news with you. Remember when I told you here, about my little decluttering project? Yeah, I realize it was 3 months ago, but let's just pretend that we don't notice that. Well, my master bedroom is FINALLY CLEAN! Here are the after pics. It's not perfect, but it feels a whole lot more like a sanctuary now than it ever has before!

So, if I ever get the chance TO REST, at least I have a lovely place to do that in now. Yay for me.


Angela said...

Yay! The bedroom looks awesome! Flylady would be proud! And I'm so proud of your list. I've only got three things on mine today - grocery list,grocery store and meal kits. I Think I Can, I Think I Can...

Angela said...

Oh, and I can't believe you've never had salmon. OR seen Jaws. We'll definitely have to watch that next time you visit! And don't worry. It won't keep you out of the water...forever ;-))

Kelly said...

I'm impressed!! I've got a ton of things to do and here I am sitting on the couch!!

Rhea said...

The bedroom looks so nice and neat, and your bed looks very comfy!

Glad you've gotten some things crossed off your To Do list. :o)

Jennifer said...

you go girl!! and when you are done at your house... you can always come visit me!! lol

actually while my husband is away with my son, over night tonight and all day tomorrow... I plan on doing some heavy duty cleaning! yay!!

I think I will get a lot accomplished tonight!! i'm very excited. I do my best cleaning when I think it will be a "surprise" to some one. lol I know i'm ridiculous. BUT for some reason it motivates me. Also I don't sleep so well while my hubby isn't here, and I will really not be able to sleep with my son away from me, with my husband or not... he is still away from me... it is the FIRST time, besides when I had my girls... which was almost three years ago and not by my choice. lol

So hopefully I will be able to post a good list of things that I got done around here!!

you are making great progress... keep up the good work!!


Jennifer said...


(as if my first comment wasn't long enough. sorry!!) lol

your bedroom looks GREAT!! good job. I love the dark wood!! it looks very relaxing. I know you put off rest till next month... but you should try to enjoy the benefit of your hard work in your room!!


Michelle said...

Wow! You're really making progress on your to do list, and it's only what 5am on Saturday? I'm afraid to see how the rest of the weekend is looking. My to do list is uhhhh much less impressive (ok, the to do part is impressive, the crossed off part isn't)!

Anonymous said...

Oh I should make a list...maybe I'd get something accomplished, or then again, maybe not;) LOL

Congrats on getting to put a line through some stuff!

Deanna said...

Nothing better than seeing that list being finished!

Congrats on being a Saucy Blog!

Angie said...

Angela: Thanks! FlyLady is definitely my mentor. I hope to make her really proud someday. :-) And yes, I know my eating habits are pretty lacking. And we'll have to discuss this whole Jaws thing. I just don't know about that movie.

Kelly: Resting on the couch is something I would love to do this weekend! Way to go girl!

Rhea: Thanks! I love marking things off a list!

Jennifer: Good luck on your list too! I always clean better when hubby is out of town. It's the BIG REVEAL that motivates me. Isn't that funny?! And thanks for the compliments on my room. I love cherry stained furniture. It's calming to me and reminds me of my grandparents.

Michelle: Your shopping yesterday certainly was an accomplishment! :-)

Lane: Thanks! I've found that public airing of my goals tends to motivate me a bit better. LOL!

Deanna: Thanks! I had no idea I was saucy this week! I need to check my reader, ASAP apparently. LOL!

Kat said...

Look at how much you got accomplished! And I'm going to do another Creative Memories give away. I think this week. (Love your CM stuff stored in your room. Would only a former consultant notice such things?!)


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