Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mommy's a little stressed

Good Tuesday morning everyone! Please excuse me this morning because I'm really not myself. You see, somehow I went from Sunday to Tuesday and I'm not good when I miss an entire day out of my life.

As I mentioned, we had company this past weekend and those 2 days went by in a blur of activity. Fun activity and thoroughly exhausting. I was looking forward to a somewhat low-key Monday, but that's so not what happened. Here's the rundown. Try to keep up.

1. 7am - Overslept & woken by Big A who announced that the "sun was awake, so I needed to get up"
2. Threw food at kids while I ran through the house trying to locate bathing suits
3. Threw kids in car and sped to swim lessons
4. Arrive 5 minutes late for swim lessons
5. Had to swim with Little A with my glasses on because I forgot to put in contacts
6. Dried my glasses off 15 times in 25 minutes because of Little A's uncontrollable splashing
7. Threw kids in car to run back home for quick snack
8. Bribed kids with playground time if they ate quickly
9. Dragged kids into post office to locate boxes to ship 13 ebay auctions with
10. Dragged kids into mall playground where they played happily for 30 minutes
11. Dragged kids kicking and screaming back to car when I refused to take out low interest loan to pay for motorized ride on toys located just outside play area
12. Dragged kids to grocery store where I spent twice as much as I planned to
13. Arrive back home where Little A almost discovers enormous wasp nest on far side of our carport
14. Feed lunch to the restless natives
15. Pay the wonderful handyman from next door to clean up my "trailer trash" looking carport
16. Unsuccessfully attempt to return 13,290 phone calls & emails from the past week
17. Do work for 1 of my "real" paying jobs
18. Give hubby quick run down of miserable day and run to liquor store
19. Try not to purchase the entire store, despite my mood
20. Arrive at my mom's house to prep food and drink for a party
21. Spend next 3 hours drinking, eating and entertaining some wonderful friends, while looking at very pretty jewelry
22. Arrive back home after 10pm to feed hubby
23. Give up staying awake to do more "real" paying work and go to bed at 11:30pm

And now, it's Tuesday. And here I sit blogging instead of doing the reports that are due at 3pm this afternoon. Hello, my name is Angie and I am a procrastinator. Which is how I end up with Monday's like yesterday.


Teri said...

"Try not to purchase the entire store, despite my mood" - I had this same weekend. Somehow I, too, managed to avoid buying the whole store. You know, it would have been for medicinal purposes only. :-)

Angela said...

I feel your pain. I've had days like that *without* kids, so I can't imagine what it's like with two toddlers. Honestly, I'm amazed that you got so much done before lunchtime. You're my heroine! And then you survived the rest of the day, for which you definitely deserve extra points.

Love ya!

Shannon said...

You know what kind of day I had yesterday. There must have been something in the water or some cruel shift in the galaxy that made moms go crazy.

Connordog said...

We ALL have those days girl! :) Just keep it going the best you can!

American in Norway said...

Oh girl... I have already had a glass of wine for you! Aren't I great friend?

Kat said...

Man. Look at all you accomplished. I am impressed. And you went to a party! Did you get anything pretty? Retail therapy can cure what ails ya. That and peanut m&ms. I'm having a pampered chef party if you need a little more therapy.

Michelle said...

Angie... you know the reason you're blogging instead of doing the reports that were due is because you can blog and still complete them in time. You may be stressed, but they'll be done.

And you neglected to mention that you blogged yesterday and got up the eye candy! Tsk tsk!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

eBay? EBay? what's your eBay handle, girl? you'll notice the only thing I picked up on was e-b-a-y. Second was Monday Morning Eye Candy. mmm mmm (it' linda posting, not Jack, as "our" email address states. I just don't want to mess with his gmail account...Jack would not understand Boy Eye Candy...)

Angie said...

Teri: You took the words right out of my mouth! ;-)

Angela: Thanks for the vote of confidence! I needed that!

Shannon: Seriously! I think you might be onto something.

Steph: I'm trying. I'm really trying.

T: You ARE a great friend! :-)

Kat: Retail therapy is a miracle worker. I got a ton of stuff including this GORGEOUS bracelet that I'll post a pic of when it comes in. And when are you closing that PC show?

Michelle: Thanks! I finally finished the reports at 11:30 last night. Lots of unforseen problems. Bleh! But I finished them!

Linda: You're too funny! I love that eye candy too! And my ebay handle is murilloa. I'll be listing a bunch more stuff this weekend.

Rhea said...

Sounds like a busy, stressful day!! Whew.

I'm a procrastinator too. And I have to have my blogging time at some point during the day.


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