Sunday, April 27, 2008

Decluttering Sunday (Updated)

As I've mentioned already, one of my big goals for this year is to declutter my house. I've attempted this project so many times and just can't quite seem to get the results that I so desire. So, I'm hoping that by providing some photographic evidence to the world, it will help to inspire me to get moving a little quicker, due to my embarrassment mostly. At the moment, I'm taking a quick break from doing the spring/summer kids clothes purge. I finished Ailey's on Friday and am almost done with Ashlyn's stuff. This is the tax-free shopping weekend in Tennessee, so I'm trying to get to the stores to take advantage of this sale for anything the girls might need for warmer weather ahead. I've quickly discovered that they don't need nearly as much as I anticipated. That's good and bad. Good that my wallet won't be quite as empty later today, but bad that I had no clue that we had so much stuff packed in those closets. Yikes. Anyway, during naptime today, I'm going to start tackling the master bedroom, otherwise known as the "catch-all zone". Here are some pics to see what the mess looks like before I start working on it. I'll update this entry later this evening to show the (hopefully) amazing progress that transpires!

My bedroom as you walk in from the hallway (Before)

Looking in from the master bathroom (Before)

Another shot from the master bathroom (Before)


Ok, so things didn't quite work out today as I had hoped. It's now 7:45pm and the kids are in bed and I'm beat. The clothing purge project took way longer than I anticipated and then I got sidetracked with other things, which is the story of my life. Anyway, I plan to pick this bedroom project back up tomorrow and hopefully have a "Marvelous Monday" post to show my fab results. Stay tuned!


Angela said...

You go girl! I am attempting to declutter and organize my office today (again). So I definitely feel your pain! I'm not getting anything actually done except the decluttering, but that's okay.

Can't wait to see the "after" pics!

Rhea said...

I need to make EVERY day a decluttering day in my house. I'm the worst about clutter.

I love organization though. And I love I just battle myself. :o)

Good luck!

Angie said...

Thanks for the support! This morning's lofty goal of getting the bedroom started has quickly diminished into clearing off the nightstand before bed. Oh well, tomorrow is another day to pursue it! I hope to have progress to show tomorrow!

Angie said...

I know what you mean Rhea! Once I can get a big hold on this problem, I'm planning to use the Flylady techniques to maintain. I'm going to do an entry on her soon if you've not familiar with her. She's awesome!


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