Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Bucket List

Hubby & I watched this movie the other night and it got me thinking. What would be on my bucket list? Dying is not something that I think about too often. I guess it's being young and having that feeling that you've got your whole life ahead of you that negates the thinking of "kicking the bucket". However, the reality is, everyone leaves this earth at some point. So, what would I hope to accomplish before that reality sets in?

1. See a whale swimming free in the vast ocean

2. See an aurora borealis in person

3. Visit the Great Wall of China

4. Do the Bridge Climb in Sydney

5. View the rolling hills of Scotland

There are of course, many more things that I hope to accomplish before my life on this earth is complete, but these are 5 that rank pretty high.

And, just in case you were wondering, the reason I didn't include things like "seeing my girls get married" and "playing with grandkids", it's because those are things that I have no control over. I truly hope that I'll get to experience those wonderful moments in life, but that destiny is not in my hands.

So, what are some things that are on your bucket list?


American in Norway said...

Come on over to Norway & I can help you get 3 of the 5 done! SERIOUSLY!

Michelle said...

Ooo, the Great Wall is pretty cool! I got to spend three weeks throughout China after graduating from college, and the Great Wall was really cool (other historical areas of China, e.g., the temples, are also way worth the trip). Definitely make the effort to do it!

The only thing I can really think of right now is that I want to go diving off the Great Barrier Reef. And run a 5K. And go to a Super Bowl with the Vikings winning. It's sad though. I'm really happy with my life. There are lots of things that would be fun to do that I'd love to do and would enjoy, but really not much where I'd feel like my life weren't complete. Even the two I listed, to be honest.

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

Brilliantly I would love to find time just to go to the toilet without being interrupted by the kids, so for right now that is what I wish for, simple but not as exciting as going to the great wall of China..

Angela said...

Oh wow... I want to give this one some proper consideration. Lemme think about it and I will try to come up with at least my top five.

Kat said...

Ooo...this is a tough one.
1. Admit to my friends that I am really not like them. That I am a flaming liberal. :-)
2. Travel
3. Get my head in gear and finally write my PhD dissertation so I don't have to call myself an abd anymore...and for the fame and glory of being Mr. and Dr. Kat...

Rhea said...

I'd love to see a whale swimming in the ocean and the northern lights. The Great wall of China would be awesome too!!

Good list!

Tam said...

1. Suprise my Hubs with a trip to Korea. He is Korean and has not been home since he was 7.

2. Stay at as many Bed and Breakfasts across the US

3. Cooking classes at Jekyll Island. A girls retreat

4. Be Debt free by 50

5. Build my dream house with my dream kitche

That is just a start on my bucket sounds petty...LLOL

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

My grandpa had an island in Canada and we got to see the northern lights quite often. Then one night we saw a crowned aurora - it filled the WHOLE sky - horizon to horizon. The lights pulsated and changed color, and you could hear them crackleing. Oh my gosh it was amazing...

MY bucket?
1. See a space shuttle take off (times getting short on that one)
2. Take Mr. B to Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park
3. Meet some of the ladies I've known online for years.
4. Remodel something
5. Marry Mr. B

Lynette said...

That is so funny I dropped in. I actually have a BOOK that I am using as my bucket list. :)
Me, I wanna go to scotland.

Good luck on your list!

Laurie said...

That was a great movie. Mine are travel, travel, and travel... I would love to go to Australia, little islands in the East, and more of the USA (Mass, NY, RI)


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