Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some Perspective on Clutter

When I put Little A down for her nap this afternoon, her bed looked like this.
Inventory of bed before naptime:
(10) Stuffed Animals
(1) Pillow
(2) Blankets

When she awoke from her beauty rest, this is what I found.

Inventory of the bed after naptime:
(1) Little A
(10) Stuffed Animals
(1) Pillow
(2) Blankets
(1) Unopened package of 44 pull-ups
(27) Loose pull-ups
(6) unopened refills of baby wipes
(1) unopened container of baby wipes
(2) unopened bottles of baby lotion
(7) story books
(2) clean pajama dresses
What is truly amazing to me is that I never heard her open the 3 drawers necessary to relocate all of this stuff into her bed. That, and the fact that she actually was able to sleep with all that in her bed. Here's my interrogation upon seeing this mess.


Angela said...

Okay, that is easily the most adorable thing I have seen in years. YEARS.

We need more videos!! Too cute!

Kelly said...

What a nice surprise waiting for Mommy!!

I love the look of your blog!!

sassy stephanie said...

THAT is too funny!

Kat said...

Look at your cute new blog! And your cute girlie...who looks like just another doll in the bed!

The disasters that my kids can create when they are supposed to be sleeping...I'm too busy yelling to take an inventory :-)

Angie said...

Angela: Ask & you shall receive. I forsee many more videos in this blog's future. :-)

Kelly: Thanks! I was quite shocked at the post-naptime mess.

Sassy: Thanks!

Kat: Aw, thanks! People tell me all the time that she looks like a doll. She's a real sweetheart, that's for sure. :-)

Shannon said...

Both of my girls' beds are the same way. Youngest daughter's especially. So I hate to tell you that this behavior doesn't end anytime soon!

I LOVE the new look!! And I've added the eye candy button to my blog! ;)

Sweetie Pieties said...

I love the video! What a precious memory for you all to watch over and over again.
Your blog looks great!!

Jennifer said...

OMG she is SO cute!! Her bed full of stuff was hilarious. Also, that girls' got a great head of hair--I'm jealous!!

Michelle said...

She's too adorable. And I LOVE her crib! Little Miss is another sneaky one at getting things into her bed without me being aware. Maybe it's a younger sister trait?

Laurie said...

This is something that happened to me all the time!!! It is so funny how sneaky they can be. I love the video.

Shelle said...

k your daughter is adorable and I bet her and my daughter would get a long famously! That is so cool..

My daughter is a pack rat...the girl collects EVERYTHING and we find stuff hidden in her room ALL THE TIME

MB said...

She is too adorable. The funniest is when you ask her if she wants to clean it up, she's so excited...YEAH!!! My little one sleeps with so much stuff in her crib, I don't know how she burrows enough space :)

Jennifer said...

I love it!!!

I love it for so many reasons!!

1. your daughter is ADORABLE!!

2. my girls do the same thing!!

3. that she didn't open anything.
~ my girls would have had the lotion and wipes all open and would have made a total mess!!~

4. I love that she still napped in her bed with all the stuff. :)

5. and how excited she was to help you clean up. :)

very cute!! ;)


Heather said...

It's like Ariel and her grotto. It's her treasure trove!!

Jenn said...

She is so cute, I wonder if she has enough stuff up there?

Rhea said...

I thought she WAS a doll in the bed at first. She is just soo cute. Look at all that hair! Amazing.

I love her enthusiasm about cleaning up. What a cutie.

Her clutter is hilarious.

Tam said...

LOL LOL cute to cute!!!!

Lynette said...

how VERY cute.

Lori said...

I wandered over here to look at your Friday Foto Finish Fiesta post, and am so glad I browsed -- this is priceless! Not to sound repetitive, but that little girl is too sweet and adorable for words.

SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem said...

Had to come check you out when I saw the title listed in my BlogHer bar: you had me at "clutter". And hey, another mommy blogger after my own heart with a cute animated family graphic--love it!

Alicia said...

LOL what a great surprise for Mommy to find!



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