Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My 300th Post: Another 100 things about me

Cue the fanfare! Today is my 300th post. I can't believe that in the last 10 months, I've written 300 entries of brilliance mediocrity stuff that anyone besides me is interested in reading. And I thank you for reading my ramblings.

Since I love nothing more than talking about myself, let's go with round 2 of 100 Things About Me! If you missed round 1, well, here's that entry for the next time that you have 10 minutes to kill.

  1. I have a cat named Percy.
  2. Percy is named after the train from the Thomas the Train children's cartoon.
  3. My kids didn't name him. Hubby & I did.
  4. I own almost every single Disney classic cartoon feature film on DVD.
  5. I owned most of them before any of my kids were even conceived.
  6. I despise doing yard work.
  7. I would love to have property that includes a wonderful large garden with fresh vegetables and beautiful landscaping everywhere, but only if I could afford a gardener to keep it up.
  8. I'm not a huge fan of vegetables, but I like the idea of having a great vegetable garden.
  9. I'm a really picky eater.
  10. I have distinct memories of my mother force feeding me a baked potato when I was about 5 years old.
  11. I didn't eat another baked potato until my senior year in high school.
  12. Now I am obsessed with baked potatoes. Actually, potatoes cooked in any way are my obsession.
  13. I judge the quality of a restaurant by their dessert menu.
  14. Chocolate desserts are my favorite.
  15. I also judge restaurants by the kind of bread they serve.
  16. I think I'm a carb-o-holic. Is there a support group for that?
  17. I love "reality" tv shows.
  18. My fave shows are the Amazing Race, American Idol and Survivor.
  19. My brother & I are trying to become contestants on the Amazing Race.
  20. I love the idea of traveling all over the world in whirlwind trip with my little brother.
  21. I'm considering becoming a music teacher.
  22. I'm terrified of singing in front of other parents. The kids, not so much.
  23. Music is a major component of my life.
  24. I really want an iPod Touch.
  25. I'm concerned that my iTunes library is going to crash my laptop because of its volume.
  26. My favorite genre of music is Pop, but I also love musicals, classical, bluegrass, opera, some country, rap and everything in between.
  27. If I were trapped on a desert island and could only listen to 5 artists ever again, they would be: Pink, Josh Groban, Pink Floyd, Jason Mraz and Dave Matthews Band.
  28. My current musical obsession is the soundtrack from Mamma Mia. That Meryl Streep can sing!
  29. I have played the piano since the age of 8.
  30. The movie "Annie" inspired me to start playing the piano.
  31. I have always loved singing and will listen to a song repeatedly until I've learned the lyrics.
  32. I do not think I'm a good singer. (There will be no embarrassing American Idol auditions in my future)
  33. I don't have a favorite actor.
  34. There are many actors that whose performances I enjoy and who I admire as very good looking, but no one person stands out.
  35. My favorite actress is Julia Roberts.
  36. My favorite movie of hers is Notting Hill.
  37. Any commercial with animals in it makes me cry at the drop of a hat.
  38. Most Hallmark commercials make me cry.
  39. I consider myself to be overly emotional most of the time, even though I might not show it.
  40. My favorite book in high school was "The Catcher in the Rye".
  41. One of my senior quotes was from that book.
  42. The other was from Deborah Norville. How's THAT for polar opposites of the literary world.
  43. I always wanted a sister when I was growing up.
  44. I think that's why I ended up with 2 little girls.
  45. I used to dress up my cat in baby clothes and put her in a cradle and take pictures of her.
  46. My oldest tried doing that same thing last week.
  47. I fear that my girls will be embarrassed by me, the same way that I was embarrassed by my mom.
  48. I can remember watching the Dukes of Hazzard every week with my mom in our living room while my dad worked late.
  49. I can also remember our routine from every Saturday evening. We would pick up the early edition of the Sunday paper, go home and then I would peruse the comics while we watched Hee Haw.
  50. I grew up in East Tennessee.
  51. One of my favorite things in this world is a fleece blanket.
  52. My hubby kept stealing this blanket from me.
  53. So, I got another great fleece blanket on my trip to Maine last year.
  54. Yep, hubby took that one over too. So, I stole the original blanket back.
  55. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals, but I rarely eat it.
  56. I really dislike pancakes.
  57. I love french toast.
  58. I cook a huge breakfast for my whole family every Christmas morning.
  59. One of my favorite childhood memories is swinging in a big woven swing in my grandparents backyard.
  60. If we won the lottery, I would want to buy my grandparents house back and keep it in the family.
  61. My grandmother was an incredible part of my young life.
  62. She taught me the importance of being strong and being proud of who you are.
  63. I would love to live on the ocean shoreline.
  64. I do not enjoy swimming in the ocean.
  65. I am afraid of sharks.
  66. I also don't like sand and other sea creatures under my feet.
  67. I'm a wuss.
  68. My favorite trip as a kid was to England on my 15th birthday.
  69. That's when the obsession with all things British began.
  70. I hope I get to take my girls there someday.
  71. I really want a German Shepherd puppy.
  72. I'm beginning to think I'm an expert on dog training after watching about 50 episodes of The Dog Whisperer. (just kidding)
  73. I think that watching that show will make me a much better dog owner when the time comes.
  74. I would love for my next German Shepherd to be a therapy dog.
  75. I would love to work with sick kids who need a pick me up that a dog can provide like nothing else.
  76. When I'm an empty-nester, I want to travel and show dogs. Not necessarily at the same time.
  77. My favorite flowers are white roses and stargazer lilies. In that order.
  78. The florist from my wedding never billed me for the flowers.
  79. They also shorted me some really important flowers on that day.
  80. My wedding day was very memorable for some crazy reasons. Some funny and some just downright horrid.
  81. I still have my wedding dress, but tried to get rid of it pretty soon after the wedding.
  82. Hubby was dead set against me getting rid of the gown.
  83. My oldest is currently obsessed with weddings.
  84. I can't wait to show her our wedding album and see what her reactions are.
  85. My favorite memory from my wedding was at our reception. It was my friends trying to bustle my dress while my granddad fed me chicken fingers.
  86. My granddad got very sick not terribly long after that.
  87. I have never visited his grave site because I'm terrified of cemeteries.
  88. The cemetery where he is buried is 5 minutes from my house.
  89. Every year, they do a luminary at each grave site on one particular evening. The sight of it almost sends me into a panic attack every year.
  90. For some reason, it reminds me of the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where everybody melts. Scary stuff.
  91. Most of the clothing in my closet is at least 4 years old.
  92. Many of the shirts have holes in them.
  93. I have trouble letting things go.
  94. My favorite piece of clothing is a long sleeve blue Timberland shirt that I got in Maine 10 years ago a long time ago a while back.
  95. When I was in the 8th grade, I wrote a story about falling in love with my dream guy named Jake.
  96. My hubby's name is Jake.
  97. We didn't meet until I was almost 19.
  98. Our first date was on my 19th birthday.
  99. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant, which I think is why I love Italian food so much to this day.
  100. I think that memories are such an amazing gift.

Ok, and there we have another 100 things about me! If you've read all the way to the bottom, well, bless your heart. You deserve a gold star at the very least. Thanks for indulging me and I hope you'll come back tomorrow for a fun interview from Lula about none other than me!


Sassypants Wifey said...

Reading your list, we have a lot in common. In fact, instead of going through my closet getting rid of clothes, I am blogging, well reading blogs anyway. I swore I would get rid of a grip ton of clothes while Hubs was gone. I am too attached, or lazy. Either way, the clothes dont seem to be leaving here soon. Dang. Congrats on 300 though!

Sweetie Pieties said...

Congrats on your 300th! Music teacher, huh? Is that Kindermusik by chance? I think you'd be good! High School/College career tests always said that (being a music teacher) would be my #1 career. I secretly want to teach one of those classes.

Those poor cats! LOL

Connordog said...

I love reading your lists. And I can see we are both great lovers of music! I have a ton of music and I love all kinds of it. We should compare sometime!

Diana said...

Love the list what hard work!! I always want to watch the Dog Whisper but forget to DVR it. My husband is British so I too have a love affair with all things British!! Have you ever eaten a crunchie? It is like my husbands favorite!! They also have Malteasers which taste like a really good whopper! I also rate restaurants on their bread!! Closet carb lover here too! Quick funny story one day when Paul and I were dating we pulled up between O Charleys and Applebees in East Brainerd and he said "Why is O Charley's so much busier than Applebees?" and I said b/c they don't have free bread at Applebees. He laughed and laughed and then told it was probably b/c back then kids ate free at O Charleys!!

Kori said...

Loved it. Love you.

JANE said...

WOW I think this one was better then the first 100! And congrats on your 300, WooHoo!!
Comments for the 100:
19- OMG!!
21- Do What? I'm thinking K-music?
45- Me Too!
47- I LIVE to embarrass mine, turn about's fair play!
72- Have you seen the marquee at Ash. Ter. AH?
Enjoyed it all!

Shannon said...

Yard work? That's what husbands are for...

Congrats on your 300th!

Michelle said...

Wow, piano since you were 8? What do you play now?

So how did you choose the name Percy? My parents had a Percy, but it was most definitely NOT because of the train :)

So do you dislike ALL pancakes or just the overcooked and rubbery pancakes they serve in restaurants?

Tvnewseditor said...

One of my favorite shirts is a GAP heavy cotton plaid winter shirt. It's really ugly and I love it. I bought it off of a guy in math class at McCallie in 1994.

Kelly said...

Happy 300th!! I am impressed that you were able to do this not only once but twice!!


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