Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's All in the Hair

So, I've been complaining left and right for months about this little hair issue that I've been having. After a visit to my favorite stylist, all is better with my little world now. Let's recap.
Last November, I decided to shake things up a bit and add some blond highlights to my really dark hair. This is what you call adding insult to injury because I was already suffering from a less than appealing haircut. And voila, here's me...the zebra.
And after spending an hour and a half with my Marty, I came out with gorgeous (non-zebra) color and a cute cut that I'm not embarrassed to leave the house with.
And I also finally have a picture of myself that I absolutely love! Who knew that I was the best photographer of myself and that my bathroom has the best lighting in the world?
Thanks for listening to all of my grumbling. The hair saga is officially over. Phew.


Smoochiefrog said...

How cute is that! It's perfect for ya!

Kat said...

That really is a great picture!

Can't wait to see the hair in person :-)

Sticky (not too) said...

I love it! It looks wonderful on you!

Angela said...

Love it! It's gorgeous. And yeah, I hate to say this, but I find that I really do get what I pay for when I get my hair done. The results when I pay $20 vs a lot more are... a lot more, LOL!

Glad you're enjoying the new 'do! There's something so confidence-boosting about a lovely new haircut that just makes you happy!

Shannon said...

I luuuurrrvvv it!

I didn't think your "before" hair looked bad. But I do think your "after" hair looks fabulous!

Michelle said...

I know you don't agree with me, but I liked what you call the zebra look and that haircut :) And the new haircut is way fun, too. Then again... anything but my hair ;)

I'll have to remember that camera in the bathroom trick. How many takes before you got one you liked?


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