Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are We Done Yet?

Being the mom of 2 little girls apparently makes me a target. The target of people everywhere who have 1 question that they simply MUST ask me. "So, are you going to try again for a boy?"

I used to be amused by this question. I would take that opportunity to recreate the scene in my doctor's office when she questioned my request to have my tubes tied. And I quote, "I never EVER want to be pregnant again." And to quote my hubby, "I never EVER want her to be pregnant again." See, we agree on some things!

And then I went from amused to annoyed. It seemed in the year after Little A's birth, this question was rampant. Everywhere I turned, inquiring minds wanted to know. Friends, family, complete strangers at the mall. I couldn't get away from it!

Now that Little A is fast approaching her 3rd birthday (pardon me while I cry a bit), it seems that this question has again reared it's ugly head. We were out & about last weekend and a complete stranger walked up to me and commented on how beautiful my girls were. And then it came. "So, are you thinking about having another one? Maybe a boy this time?"


I guess I need to have a t-shirt made that says "Proud Mom of 2 GIRLS...End of Story". Maybe THEN people will get it. Yeah, probably not.


Shannon said...

You know Shane had a vasectomy a few years ago.

My mother knows this.

She still asks us when we're going to try for a boy.

Grace said...

I also have 2 girls. Nope... no more for us. I don't get asked anymore... as the youngest is 10. But when I used to get asked I would just smile and depending on who asked I gave one of two answers (all this is tongue in cheek) and either answer would shut people up without another word:
- only ask many kids as I have arms... 2 arms, 2 kids
- if I had another one I'd have to have it with another man (this would imply the vasectomy... and most definately would shut them up... as people just don't talk about this too much... right?).

I know it's frustrating... it will pass.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I don't get that question...hmmm.... but I am going to get a couple boys... I hope.

Connordog said...

Why can't people just mind their own business?? Geez!

JANE said...

OK coming from the opposite end, when I got preg with C, EVERYONE asked if he was a girl and would tell me they were sorry when I said it was another boy!!! And I was estatic he was a boy and I even had people ask why in the world would I want another boy! A couple of women were even mean about it and said uglies in front of the other boys!!! Then when I was preg with the Girl, everyone assumed we had been trying for a girl...excuse me...NO...not at 45!! So yeah, I understand!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Proud mom of GIRL, GIRL and BOY lol. Dh just had to try ONE MORE TIME. Told him if it's a girl 3 strikes and you're out. He got lucky!

Diana said...

We wanted two girls and got them. Everytime I was pregnant my OB would say Diana what do you think it is?... Paul and i would both yell girl and he would procede to say I am sure it is a boy then,except he was wrong... WE HAD TWO GIRLS!!! I love being the mother to two girls and I would not change a thing!!! I don't get that question much but maybe it is b/c of Paul's age... BUT if I did I would say nope, I got it right the first two times.

Sweetie Pieties said...

I sympathize...having a 2 and half year old girl and twin 6 month old boys gets me the following annoying comment just about daily:

"You have your hands full!"- well, as I would say in the 80s, No Duh!

Other feel-good favorites... "When are you due?" or "How far along are you?" (both from female yoga instructors)I actually first thought the latter was asking about my yoga practice at first! I only wish that was the case.

Lula! said...

I will wear that shirt with you, PROUDLY.

Seriously...why does one HAVE to have a boy? Daughters are not second-rate children. I spent most of my childhood and teenagers years praying that I'd have a daughter one day. The fact that God gave me two is just thrillingly amazing.

And here's the deal...when we found out Caroline was a girl, Scott got asked, almost daily, "Are you going to try again for a boy?" His response was awesome: "We weren't trying for a boy the first two times."


p.s. Tubes tied. Tied tight. No more babies for us. AMEN, again!

Michelle said...

Yeah... I get the opposite. I get the "oh what a perfect family, one little girl and a little boy." Yeah. Except that I wanted two boys ;) People just don't get it at all, do they?


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