Thursday, April 17, 2008

100 Things About Me

My BFF of many years recently showed me this cool list that she had put together about herself. I really have to say that I admire her confidence in putting a list like that out there for all the world to stumble upon. It got me thinking about what I would put on my own list. So, here’s a chance to put myself out there with my version of 100 Things About Me.

1. I consider myself an optimist.
2. Nine times out of ten, people say that the thing they remember most about me is my smile. I do tend to smile a lot, out in public anyway.
3. Both of my parents and my brother are bilingual. Sadly, the only language I’m fluent in is English.
4. I love to travel!
5. If I could live anywhere else in the United States, it would be in Maine, close to the eastern coast.
“Maine: The Way Life Should Be”
6. I cry almost every single day.
7. I am crazy about
German Shepherd Dogs!
8. I have always wanted to live in London, England for a time.
9. I was scrapbooking long before it was the “in” hobby. I think my first scrapbook was in junior high school. (circa 1988)
10. I have had a body image problem since I was in elementary school. When I’m thin, I see a fat person in the mirror and vice-versa.
Cake is my most FAVORITE dessert in the world!
12. I have been madly in love twice in my life.
13. I am
terrified of needles.
14. I loved running cross country in elementary school.
15. My parents let me dress up as a
French maid for Halloween when I was about 12 years old. It was a pretty racy costume for a 12 year old.
16. My favorite holiday used to be Christmas hands down, but now it’s shifting to Thanksgiving.
17. I found out that true friendship CAN endure the test of time.
18. I secretly fantasize about running a marathon.
19. I can hold a grudge better than anyone I know, which is not something I’m proud of.
20. I harbor great resentment against both The University of Georgia and the Chi Omega sorority because neither saw fit to extend me an invitation to join them.
21. I decided to major in accounting in college because a childhood crush’s dad was a CPA and he showed me how cool it could be to work in that field.
22. I have never lived by myself.
23. I’ve been pregnant 5 times. I have 2 beautiful daughters. I also have 3 guardian angels whom I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting.
24. I have visited 30 of the 50 states.
25. I love to collect new recipes to try, but I don’t really cook that often.
26. I have played the piano since I was about 7 years old.
27. I yearn to own a
28. My dream car as a teenager was an
Alfa Romeo Spider convertible. Sweet car.
29. I would love to have dinner with Jon Stewart and Oprah Winfrey.
30. I have owned a sewing machine for 4 years and never taken it out of the package.
31. My grandmother is an amazing seamstress.
32. I was named for my father’s mother and my mother’s twin sister.
33. My mother wanted to name me Myrtle Agnes, but thank god, my grandmother talked her out of it.
34. I love to cross stitch.
35. I would love to cook with
Paula Deen.
36. I want to see
Josh Groban in concert. He’s probably in my Top 5 favorite artists of all time. His voice makes my heart race.
37. I have always wanted to go whale watching.
38. I have a long standing fascination with dolphins.
39. I almost got a tattoo when I was 18, but the fear of needles kept me from going through with it. I would like to get a tattoo before I leave the earth.
40. I would say the religious category that I probably fit best into is
41. I didn’t attend a public school until college.
42. I went to an
all girls school for 6 years and lived to tell about it.
43. I am a very giving person.
44. I am very possessive of the people that I love the most.
45. My brother is 5 years younger than me, but I’ll always see him as a kindergartner on his first day of school.
46. The top 3 foreign destinations that I would like to visit before I die are Australia, Japan, and Scotland.
47. I am an obsessive list-maker.
48. My very first pet cat, when I was a kid, was a black and white mixed breed named Amber.
49. I can watch the same movies and tv shows over and over and over again and not get bored with them.
50. My favorite movie is
The American President. I’ve seen it over 100 times.
51. My favorite tv shows are Grey’s Anatomy and Gilmore Girls.
52. I have had a crush on
Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey since 1987.
53. If I could afford it, I would buy a time-share at
Disney World in Florida because I would LOVE to vacation there every year.
54. The first dog that I owned as an adult was a German Shepherd named Meeko. She was a handful and tried my patience, but I loved her dearly. She passed away last year and I miss her so much that it hurts my heart.
55. I love to sing, but I know I’m not very good at it. A tape of me performing as a teenager confirms it.
56. I do not enjoy being outdoors.
57. I’m a computer addict. If I’m not on the computer at least once every day, I’m not a happy person.
58. I am a bit obsessed with finding, legitimate and good, free things on the internet.
59. My favorite clothing is from Old Navy.
60. My oldest child’s
middle name is for my brother, only with a feminine spelling.
61. My youngest child’s first name is inspired from a friend from high school.
62. I have a deep desire to do an extensive family genealogy of both sides of my family.
63. I don’t like beer, but I love a good
Pomegranate Martini.
64. I LOVE LOVE LOVE music. It’s a hugely integral part of my life. Many of my most cherished memories have a song that goes along with them.
65. I have only been to 2 normal concerts in my life: Jimmy Buffett when I was 15 and Pearl Jam when I was 21. I’ve seen acts at
Riverbend, but that doesn’t really count in my book.
66. I bought tickets to a Def Leppard concert when I was 15, but my parents wouldn’t let me attend because they thought I was too young to go with my friends.
67. When I was 13, my cousin & I begged my grandmother to let us see B.B. King in concert because (rumor had it) U2 was going to join him onstage. That didn’t happen and we subsequently were forced to sit in a major rain downpour before and throughout the concert in order to “learn our lesson”.
68. I always wanted a job that would include travel, but was disappointed when my destinations included
Farmerville, LA, Moorefield, W.V. and Milan, MO. The people were great, but that wasn’t my idea of great places to visit.
69. The thing I cherish most in this world is hearing my daughters’ voices say “I love you mommy”.
70. I would definitely be called a collector. I used to collect Longaberger baskets and Disney figurines. Now, I collect scrapbooking & cross stitching supplies and cameras.
71. I have recently developed an interest in SLR cameras and the amazing pictures you can take with them. I received a really nice
digital one for my birthday last year, and am hoping to actually start using it to its full potential soon.
72. I stay away from
office supply stores because I have an addiction to purchasing supplies that I really don’t need. It’s the organizational freak in me.
73. I aspire to have a really organized house, but first I need to do a MAJOR de-cluttering. I’ve tried and failed at this effort more times than I can count.
74. I’m pretty certain I would have a major panic attack if I lost my day-runner. I’m obsessive about my calendar.
75. I’m a stickler for great customer service and am not afraid to let people know when I’m really happy and really not happy about the service I’ve received. It’s gotten me into hot water a few times.
76. I hate the way my teeth look.
77. I’ve kept a journal inconsistently since junior high school.
78. I enjoy writing and would really like to author a children’s book some day.
79. I am a
workaholic. I inherited that from my father and maternal grandfather.
80. I miss my granddad immensely. He would have loved seeing my girls.
81. I have been para-sailing and would love to do it again!
82. I’m an impulse shopper. Great for retailers…not so great for my wallet.
83. My favorite color is red. And I look great in it.
84. I have 2 of the 3 pieces of diamond jewelry that I want. I really want a
diamond eternity band.
85. Other than my wedding rings, my diamond stud earrings, and silver locket necklace, I rarely wear any other jewelry.
86. I have never done anything more, color-wise, than put a few highlights in my hair.
87. I hate having long hair, but now refuse to cut it until I lose a ton of weight.
88. My most vivid memory from early childhood is when my grandma took me to see the trains when I was about 3 years old.
89. I have only had 1 actual birthday party in my lifetime. It was my 8th birthday and the destination was
Showbiz Pizza Place. It was a lot of fun!
90. I pulled off an awesome surprise birthday party for my hubby’s 30th. The real feather in my cap was that I was 8 months pregnant at the time also.
91. I lost my coveted high school class ring less than a year after I graduated. I’m hoping to replace it sooner than later.
92. My favorite food is cheese pizza. The more cheese the better.
93. I have given up drinking carbonated drinks and I feel so much better as a result.
94. I have recently become obsessed with text messaging.
95. As tech-savvy as I am, I still pay bills by mailing checks through snail-mail.
96. I rarely carry cash.
97. I have had to replace my checkcard 3 times in the last 18 months. I keep losing it.
98. The only kind of ice cream that I enjoy eating is
plain old chocolate.
99. I totaled my first car less than a year after I got my license. We were lucky to walk away from that accident. I’m now very paranoid about making left hand turns.
100.I despise the word “


Rhea said...

I'm impressed you've been to 30 out of 50 states! And, I can't believe you have only had one birthday party ever!

What a list. I learned a lot about you...Nice to meet you!! lol

Angie said...

Thanks! I really have my parents to thank for many of the state visits. Plus, that job that I mentioned that took me to some rather "exotic" locations! I'm hoping that birthday party tally will change someday, but we'll see. Thanks for checking out my list and nice to meet you too!

Marcy said...

Hey, I think I know you better than my own husband now. It's fun seeing all the stuff we have in common. Maybe we'll be famos children'sauthors together one of these days. Anyway, I think good writing helps us learn about ourselves and then share what we found out with everyone else. You sure accomplished that with this piece. Just out of curiosity, were you running low toward the end, or did you have to cap yurself off at one hundred? I'll check back for more soon.


tjseashell said...

Angie, I've learned so much about you. You and I have a couple of things in common. I too totaled my first car within 6 months after having my license. I flipped that mustang all over the place and luckily walked away with minor bruises. Impressive list. Way to go on the weight loss as well. I too have been working on that and have lost 15 pounds so far!!! Keep up the awesome work!!

Angie said...

Marcy, you're so funny! I'm glad you enjoyed my list. And yes, let's both shoot for children's publishing simultaneously! We can keep each other motivated. To answer your question, no, I wasn't running out of steam towards the end. I was so overwhelmed with things to put down, that I was having trouble narrowing the field. So, fair warning: expect "Another 100 Things About Me" in a blog entry sooner than later. Ha ha!

Angie said...

Hey Tammy! I'm glad you enjoyed the list! I'm sorry that we had the wreck thing in common, but glad that you walked away from it too. Congrats on your weight loss! It feels like a long road ahead, but I'll really feel accomplished when I hit my next milestone (which is so close now). We need to get together sometime. I'll try to call you next week to set something up. See ya!

Jezebel said...

Maybe the children's book could be about the many adventures of two little princesses & their German Shepard guardian angels- combine both of your dearest loves. Looking forward to the blog, who knows, maybe you'll inspire me to try it too. When you're ready for that tattoo, count me in! -Jess

Angie said...

Jess, I LOVE your handle...jezebel. Too funny! That's a great idea for the kids book. I might have to steal that idea. Ha ha! You should totally blog. We'll keep each other motivated. And yes, when tattoo day arrives, you'll be the first call on my list of people to beg to come with me.

Angela said...

Was just re-reading your list. And speaking of being able to watch movies over and over again, we are watching Jaws right now. Again. And I'm vowing, once again, never to go into the ocean. I'm sure I will, but it won't be for a while! LOL!

leezee52 said...

I just love your 100 things...awesome to be able to write it down!

trashalou said...

Number Eight? If you do, walk everywhere. Historical London is all within pleasant walking distance and the bonus is there are shops EVERYWHERE (but sadly no Old Navy).

Number 19? I see you and I raise you a bucketful!!

Jen said...

That is so impressive, I don't think that I could think of 100 things about myself.
I don' have a question, why do you cry everyday? Thats not good.

wehave9 said...

We have a lot in common! I too love Australia, dolphins, chocolate ice cream, travel etc. And I am also known for my smile, I smile alot and I am definitely an optimist! Wanna be my friend?!

Missy said...

Ooh, this is my favorite post! I think I've read it before, but sadly didn't comment...sorry!
Now we'd have at least 100 things to talk about if we ran into one another on the street.
Milan, MO? Funny enough, I grew up about 2 hrs south of there. Sounds like an exciting job...what on earth could take someone there?
Fully understand the tattoo-love. Just make sure that you go to a reputable person or yours might end up looking like a prison tattoo like mine! hee hee! (didn't really get it in prison, just 12 yrs ago)

Heather said...

I'm closing in on my 100th blog post, and am pondering doing a 100 Things for my 100th. I'm just afraid it won't be as interesting as the others, like yours, that I've read! This one was definitely fun to read - now the pressure's on...


Kathi said...

Love your list!

I am training to run in the Marine Corps Marathon this fall....I've never done anything like should do it.

Congrats on being a SITS girl!

Kathi said...

Love your list!

I am training to run in the Marine Corps Marathon this fall....I've never done anything like should do it.

Congrats on being a SITS girl!

wendy said...

Wow...that takes a lot of guts to put it all out there like that. I'm impressed - I doubt I could come up with 100 things I'd be willing to share.

Bravo and congrats again on the SITS feature.

Nik said...

I loved reading every bit of your list! CONGRATS and job well done.

Is it odd or stalkerish that I see a lot of myself in your list? I kept reading...



Thanks again for sharing!

Mommy Cracked said...

We have many things in common my SITSta! Chocolate ice-cream..cheese pizza...let's do lunch!

Melanie said...

Very brave and very interesting!

Feliz said...

Ok girl, what you need is an all-out birthday bash! This my last party was at Showbiz Pizza thing isn't gonna cut it! Tell your hubby to get on it, and if he doesn't, then plan it yourself with your girlfriends.

Next, the whole marathon thing is actually very doable. You don't have to win the thing, just finish it. Check out They do fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society AND train people for marathons. I am doing the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco and I am speed walking it. Good luck!

Adelaine said...

Happy SITS day!!

I love The American President too!!

EmBee said...

Well, I wouldn't want you to put it all out there and think there's no one out there who might relate to you so here's some thoughts from ME regarding your list:

6. I hope it's a happy cry?
22. Me either
25. I have cooking magazines all over my house... I've only made about 3 recipes out of any one of them.
26. I've been playing piano for 4 yrs. - not well but I keep practicing!
33. Hooray for Grandma!
36. Oh yeah!
38. Me too, I think because I grew up watching 'Flipper'
39. No Way! I never want to be referred to as someone's tattooed Grandma.
40. Me Too!
42. No Boys? Tragic!
43. I think I am too, but I hate myself for always expecting something in return (loyalty, friendship, etc.) I'm working on being completely generous though.
46. Australia yes! and don't forget New Zealand!
53. And float on the Lazy River all around Typhoon Lagoon all day.
63. Me either, Pomegranate Martini ey?
68. Yeah, I always wanted to be a Cruise Director or a Flight Attendant not anymore though.
70. I collect card making supplies and toys (punches, scissors, embellishments, cardstock etc.)
71. I haunt professional photographers websites to oo and ahh over their fantastic camera, skills and pose ideas. Someday I want to be that good!
72. NO WAY? Me too!
73. All of my de-cluttering efforts end up themselves as clutter. (go figure?)
76. My crooked teeth are a story in and of themselves, I know how you feel.
78. Go for it!
84. I used to want one until I stopped and thought about all the other things it could buy... Whereas the ring would just sit there and do nothing.
94. I'm completely inept and just don't understand the concept.
95. Same with me... I like writing checks, I don't like spending the money though.

See, we have a lot in common. Thanks for giving me a chance to get to know you better and allowing me the opportunity to invite you to do the same.

Lula! said...

Um...holding a grudge against the University of Georgia? We may have to break up, Angie. I mean...this is definite grounds.
I'm sorry about Chi Omega, should've gone ADPi or Kappa Delta.

kimmers said...

Congrats on your SITs day!

I'm with you on the Disney love... I have been something like 15 times! My boyfriend took me there for my birthday this past January, and we are going again in September... I can't wait. I think it's one of the few vacation destinations where you KNOW you will have a fantastic time. I did one of these "100 Things" posts too... it was definitely an experience!

I've been scrapbooking for years too, although I'm consistently WAY behind... especially now that I've started blogging!

Sarah said...

Haha I was going to post about the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society too, but my sister beat me to it! You CAN run or walk a marathon and raise money for cancer research, it's win-win! Plus maybe then you'll get in shape and be able to get that new haricut! :)

Melissa said...

I despise the word "poop"....:0

Shannon said...

Reading over these again, it really is weird to know we have so much in common!!!

PhatMom said...

I might have to "steal" this idea from you since this past weekend I had decided to add "Survey Saturday" to my blog to help my readers get to know me. Might wittle it down to 25 or 50 facts, but I like the idea!

BTW, I am totally obsessed with text messaging!!

AJ said...

Wow! Great list!

I love cheese pizza in high-school that's all I would eat. I always felt wierd though ordering a cheese pizza w/ extra cheese. LOL
Thanks for sharing.

Katy Lin :) said...

what a great list! hope you're enjoying all the SITS love! :)

i love the quote at the bottom of your page, too!

Tracy P. said...

Happy SITS Day! I'm impressed with your list. You must have a summer birthday. They are easy to miss. I always told my college friends I was celebrating my half birthday. You and I share many things in common, except that my husband calls me the "closure queen".

Anonymous said...

So informative. I feel like i know you now.

#57 - i think everyone visiting you here today can relate to that one...

Party of 5 said...

WOW What an impressive list. I don't think I could come up with interesting things for half that. Hmm that'll be a challenge. Guess I should try it huh. (Since I am a dude and have no original blog ideas....LOL)

Happy SITS Day!

Ronnica said...

I cry a lot too. And Gilmore Girls! Love it!

I really like your blog...I'm adding you to my reader. =)

Anonymous said...

I love cake too. In fact, I just had some for breakfast!

Swirl Girl said...

I now know more about you than some people I've known for years!

Thanks for that!

Ms. J. to you! said...

How fun! I may borrower that idea one day for my blog! LOL!

ugagirl30 said...

I love, love, love Gilmore Girls and have seen every episode more than once.

I love, love, love UGA and hope that one day I will have the opportunity to hold a degree from there.

I cry everyday too--whether happy or sad.

I am going to see Def Leppard this Saturday night for the second time. Last time I saw them was two years ago with Poison. It ROCKED!! I'll think about you.

jennifer said...

87... Amen sister! I always think that I can't get a cutie poo haircut til i lose my face fat!

Rhea said...

So, I need to know why you don't like the word "closure." :o)

All these older posts have my old profile pics...when I was changing the pictures weekly. lol

Kat said...

I'm still so impressed that you even did this list. I was going to do one for my hundredth post. But I think I only have thirty something things on my list. I am such a slacker!

Me said...

Impressive. This is one of the best 100 lists I've read. You really shared a lot.

Becky :) said...

I love reading these types of lists. It's always the best way to get to know someone.
My Mom lives in Maine and has for 2 years now. She absolutely loves it.
I share favorite TV shows with you. I hate the fact though that they took Gilmore Girls off. I cried so hard at the last episode.

Elizabeth said...

I might be able to think of 100 things about myself, but they probably wouldn't be as interesting! This is much better than the "what is your favorite color, food, movie, etc. list!
I also love plain old chocolate ice cream. I've starting putting granola on it from time to time to give it some crunch!

Belle said...

That is so neat...I don't think I could think of 100 interest things about myself without prompts. We love to Gilmore Girls also. As a matter of fact, in my blog I call my daughter Lorleai because we used to love watching the show together. Unfortunately, she often tells me that I behave like Emily Gilmore, which I'm pretty sure is NOT a complement.

Stephanie said...

#6 is not so weird as I find myself doing the same! Whether they're tears of joy or tears of pain or tears of fear it's easy to shed a few a day.

Just say Julie said...

I totally had to laugh that you've visited the exotic locale of Farmerville... I grew up not 15 minutes away and we always played the fighting farmers in basketball. I love your list idea!

Megan said...

What a fun list! I loved your 12-year old costume, how funny! Found you through the SITS website! :0)

Hairline Fracture said...

I love these lists because I learn so much about the person.

Myrtle Agnes--whew, you really dodged a bullet there. ;-)

Jess said...

WOW I tried to do that but couldn't come up with anything past 30 I think. So I may do one one my birthday, which will on be 24 things about me.

Dana said...

Great post. I feel like I know you a bit already and I've not yet even looked to see if you've got a pic of yourself on your blog!

Creative Junkie said...

holy moly, I don't think I could think of 100 things about myself! Love your entries ... a lot of them I could have written myself!

dddiva said...

Wow, that's pretty brave to put that all out there.
I want to live at Disney World. ;)
Gilmore Girls was one of my and the girls bonding shows.
I am enjoying getting to know you through your posts.
Oh, and I have links on my blog to places that you don't have to jump through hoops that really do send you free things if you want to check them out.
Off the top of my head I know Cheerios is sending out Free (regular size boxes for some sort of breakfast challenge so you might want to go check out their site.

Kaza said...

Please tell me this took you forever to do! Because I've started mine already and I have like two things on it (both of which I think I used today in a meme post so now I'm back to zero). I've got to get my little one to bed, so I'm going to mark this one to return to later so I can read them all and comment properly!

Lori said...

I've always wondered how to mention #23. There never seems to be a not-awkward moment to bring it up. This is a good way to put it out there.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can barely think of 50 things! And a pomegranate martini is just to die for!

Jen said...

I feel you on the office supply stores. I'm like a moth who can't keep away from the light with those stores and even the aisle in Target. It's a disease I tell you.

Michelle said...

Mmmm pomegranate martinis. Mmmm.

But really just one birthday party? My husband's family didn't do parties either. But kudos to pulling off the surprise party!

Amy said...

What a fun post! That would take me FOREVER. I once tried to think of just 25 things like that, couldnt do it!

Karen said...

I remember scapbooking way back in the 60's !! I had heaps of scrapbooks that I'd made about the Royal family (I grew up in New Zealand) that I adorned with sparkles and other stuff.

Fun list to read and I'm with you on #13 !!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I didn't even finish reading before I had to come down here and comment about #28. My dream car was an Alpha Romeo too! I had totally forgotten about that :)

#42: I went to an all women's college. Loved it, and lived to tell about it.

So I guess #47 is how you were able to do this whole list in the first place.

#62: love genealogy. Would love to have the time to do it more.

#66: But they let you dress as a French Maid when you were 12...

#73: I'm in purge mode right now.

#93: What?!?!
#95: What?!?!

Great list!

Cookie said...

Hello, nice to meet you! I've learned so much. I was a "flapper girl" for Halloween once in 4th grade but didn't know what it "meant" until I got to school!lol

Christine said...

Check out to help you out with tht decluttering.

thotlady said...

These lists are great ways to get to know people in bloggerville.

lynn said...

Great list! I love reading these. Happy belated SITS day. I'm a little behind, sorry.

Judy Haley (coffeejitters) said...

I've been driving for more than 20 years and I'm still terrified of left hand turns

Emily said...

So very nice to meet you. ALL of you! I love the 100 things, I am going to try it!


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