Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

Allow me to introduce you to Big A's best friend. His name is White Baby. He is well-loved as you can see. He's more of a dingy, beige baby right now. This particular morning, he was covered in the orange Fruit Loops that Big A doesn't care for in her cereal.
Anyway, back to his name. I get more strange looks from people about this bear's name, which result in my feeling like I need to explain where it comes from. So, let's review.
When Big A started talking, she referred to all of her teddy bears as "babies". When we figured out that she had too many "babies", we started asking her what each one's specific name was. Being incredibly intelligent, she named them based on what color they were. So, we have red baby, blue baby, purple baby, green baby, etc.
White Baby was her absolute favorite (as you can see). She took him everywhere. And so, I have told this story MANY a time when an unsuspecting person asks her what his name is. I don't know if it's because we live in the South, that we get these strange looks, but alas, it's a way of life for us now.
And so, I salute White Baby today on the Fx4. He's brought so much happiness to my girl and I'm hoping that he brings even more in the years to come.
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Shannon said...

I could be wrong...

but I think White Baby needs a bath.

Shannon said...

Oh, and speaking of brilliant names for their loveys...

M named her favorite puppy... Puppy.

Diana said...

I love it! He does need a bath! Emma names are very straight forward too! Her equivalent animal is a Curious George stuffed animal he has been under ever Denny's table in Northern CA (J/K...kinda). I had to sneak and was him when we got home. She found him in the dryer and told me he looked all clean!

Susie said...

That is a well-used teddy!!

Lula! said...

Much like Obama, he is neither white nor black.

He is Bi.


And I dig him.

Angela said...

lOL I love Lula's comment!!

I remember giving you a double take when you told me this bear's name. But it makes perfect sense, really. Only now he's more vanilla colored...or latte... Hey, maybe Big A wants to expand her vocabulary into shades of coffee? LOL

Michelle said...

Love it. We had the same thing. The animals are the babies (oddly, dolls no one is into yet). Of course we didn't go the color route. We went the all babies have the same name route. Everyone was Snowy for a good while. Currently many of them have Spiderman and Spiderman villain names.... But Snowy has stuck for that one teddy bear.

And I love how the unwanted cereal ends up on the bear. Too cute! :)


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