Thursday, February 26, 2009

Off to the races

Our backyard has a pretty serious slope to it. The girls love to take advantage of it every time they're in the backyard. Let's check this out.
Big A is up first. Little A cheers her on.

That was fun mommy!

Ok Little's your turn.

Getting into place


I love to ride my "cycle" mommy!

And on another day, Big A shows us her master wagon navigation skills. Meanwhile, hubby tries to fix Little A's ponytail. Let's see how this plays out.

Big A holds on for dear life. Little A isn't remotely bothered by Daddy holding on to the back of her head.

Little A is still moving. Daddy is still holding on.

Big A flags Little A in while Daddy finishes up the ponytail repair.

Little A is all smiles and Daddy laughs at his trip down the backyard. Actually I was laughing pretty hard myself.


Shannon said...

Too cute!

And I'm quite impressed at Jake's ponytail-repair skills. I don't think Shane would even know where to begin...

Michelle said...

That would make a good ponytail how-to booklet for dads everywhere!

Diana said...

the label "the cutest kids ever" says it all!

Diana said...

oops... I mean second to mine of course (LOL)

Angela said...

Very cute! I love the pure glee on their faces. Oh, to be that carefree again!

Michelle said...

I love the winter hats with just sweatshirts. Ahhh to have weather like that! Very cute, and I love the fun they're having. And I'm still so jealous of all that hair....


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