Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best Posts of the Week

I came across a few posts this week that had me in literal tears from laughing so hard. And because I hate to laugh alone, I'm paying it forward. Enjoy!

I've mentioned Holly several times before and this week she hit it out of the park with a re-post that I had never seen. Any of you out there who have been faced with the toilet paper aisle at the store will appreciate this. Hilarious!

I must thank my buddy Shannon for this referral. I used to subscribe to List of the Day, but dropped it in a massive decluttering of my reader. However, I might have to re-subscribe after this entry. Anytime I see celebrities photo-shopped to look like "real" people, hilarity ensues. This is Volume 3. There's also a Volume 1 & 2 you can on the site. Too funny!

I stumbled upon this blog entry while visiting List of the Day. It's for a site called College Humor. This particular post was about idiots who use public computers and don't log off important things like their email accounts and such. This guy has taken it upon himself to teach these people lessons when he comes across such log-in errors. Not nice? Definitely. Funny? Absolutely!

1 comment:

Angela said...

I just read the toilet paper one and I am ROTFLMAO. Seriously. All I can think of is that the next size they introduce will be the size of one of those wheels of cheese you showed us the other day, LOLOLOLOL!!!!


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