Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

My name is Angie and I am a magazine whore. It's an epidemic. I entered my bathroom, just the other day, to add a new magazine to the back of the toilet. You know, because that's the ONLY place I can get any reading done in this house. (Was that too much information? Sorry.) I was STUNNED to discover a pile of magazines that is second only to Mt. Everest in height. Frankly, I'm a little surprised that the commode hasn't collapsed through the floor, from the weight of all these magazines. The REALLY scary thing here is that this only represents about half of the magazines that were here last week. I did a purge and got rid of several that had no hope of ever being read. And so, I present you with:

Thirteen of the MANY Magazines That Angie Subscribes To Because She Can't Say No


How NOT to Solve Your Clutter Problem.

1. Southern Living - I think this is a requirement for Southern households who take ANY interest in travel, decorating or cooking with butter.

2. T.V. Guide - Do I really need to explain this one? The better question is "why is this in the bathroom and not in the living room?"

3. Reader's Digest - I can remember reading Humor in Uniform and Laughter, The Best Medicine while waiting for piano lessons as a 12 year old. Sigh.

4. Smithsonian - Because I'm trying REALLY hard to edumacate myself on our world. So far...not so good.

5. Redbook - Honestly, I have no idea. This was a free subscription (as are many of my magazines) and I love the monthly contests that they do.

6. Parenting - I take all the solicited AND unsolicited advice I can pick up on this parenting thing. It's still a mystery to me most days.

7. O the Oprah Magazine - This was another freebie. Overall, I'm not real impressed with Miss Winfrey's mag. It's got tons of ads, which would explain why it weighs 15 lbs.

8. Martha Stewart Living - Because a girl has to aspire to something. And I'm not talking about learning to knit in prison. Someday I need to know how to decorate my sprawling estate in Maine.

9. American Photo - I'm in the infancy stages of learning to use my DSLR camera properly. So, I picked up this freebie and get the occasional good tip from them.

10. Down East - It's a magazine about Maine. Need I say more?

11. Ladies Home Journal - It just makes me feel grown up. I can't really explain why. Maybe it's the Hints from Heloise that does the trick? She can get a stain out of just about anything!

12. Cook's Illustrated - This periodical is COOL! They review cooking utensils and such of all types and are non-discriminating on telling you what's great and what's garbage. And they're not afraid to tell you not to waste your money on the more expensive item. I love it.

13. Outdoor Photographer - Again, I'm working on those photography skills. Just wait. When I really get my mad photo skills rockin', you will truly be WOWED and AMAZED.

And I'm completely embarrassed to say that there are at least 5 more magazines that I subscribe to that are not listed here. Flylady says that a big step to de-cluttering is getting rid of your magazine subscriptions because all they do is create piles of clutter. Hmm. I think she might be on to something.


Shannon said...

Right now I subscribe to EW (almost 10 years!), Family Circle, Parents, TV Guide and Parenting.

Shane had a bunch of sky miles that were about to expire... so we used them on free magazine subscriptions. So in about 4-6 weeks, my house will look like yours! I can't even remember what all we signed up for.

American in Norway said...

I used to do the whole mag thing too... before I got into FLylady... I used to think I would go back & clip out all of the interesting articles....Now I find it is just easier,faster,cheaper & less cluttered to just go to the internet.... Still trying to figure out the Down East mag.

Scary Mommy said...

Ha! I am the same way. My credit card offers subscriptions and rewards, so I have a million. And, I'm a sucker at the checkout line. My bathroom is dripping in magazines!!!

Lisa said...

My bathroom is also where all magazines are kept. I have scripts to Redbook, Parenting, and ABC soaps. I also have a magazine/book that is all about Johnny Depp. I read it over and over while doing my bizniz. LOL. I used to have over 10 subscriptions, but I let them run out. I figure, why pay for People or US Weekly when I can hope on their websites and read it all too, right?

Lisa said...

My bathroom is also where all magazines are kept. I have scripts to Redbook, Parenting, and ABC soaps. I also have a magazine/book that is all about Johnny Depp. I read it over and over while doing my bizniz. LOL. I used to have over 10 subscriptions, but I let them run out. I figure, why pay for People or US Weekly when I can hope on their websites and read it all too, right?

Lula! said...

I'm a magazine whore, too...if my People, Entertainment Weekly, or TV Guide arrive late...well, I lose my mind!!!!

And Southern Living has been letting me down, as of late. It's getting too urban...too they're trying too hard to be cool. And notice how small the issues are getting? I have back issues from when we first married (in April '00) and those issues are twice the size of what they're putting out now. I miss my "old-school" Southern Living. Maybe I should write those peeps and complain?

Or maybe I should NOT ramble in your comments! Ha...

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I don't do mags... just too much $$, but my toilet has a stack of books...

My girls has a cupboard next to it and it's stacked with... Junie B. Jones books.

CrystalChick said...

Strange, but I get no mag subscriptions anymore. And when I did get them, I think I really only got Reader's Digest and Cosmo. And probably a Redbook type freebie.
My son reads a Guitar mag but he's been getting it in the bookstore. And the ones I read/buy are from there too. A couple craft/card ones, Martha, Buddhadharma, etc.
I sometimes 'borrow' a photography mag from my son's orthodontist.

Happy reading, no matter where you do it. ;)

Rhea said...

Well, if someone judged you by the magazines you keep, then I'd say you are a very multi-talented woman!

And I LOVE Soduko.

Aleta said...

Wow ~ that's an impressive lot of magazines. Hmm, wonder if there's a market for it on ebay?

For me, it's not those magazines that I hoard, but the ones on making jewelry. I've got a box load of them right now. There's all sorts of designs and patterns, so I loathe to throw them out (though I've been known to do so in a spring cleaning moment of madness).

Enjoyed your post!

Michelle said...

Umm sadly, if it makes you feel any better your magazine pile doesn't hold a candle to mine. I really need to get reading. Although... I DID pull out a great recipe for coffee something or other out of a Southern Living issue the other day. And Cooks Illustrated is my FAVORITE but I can't subscribe until I catch up on my reading. That's my rule!

Kat said...

I love magazines. I have pared down my subscription lists and only get Bookmarks - which is fabulous. My mom gets People. And one of my neighbors was selling subscriptions and I got Entertainment Weekly and something else. But I can't recall which ones! I need to see a copy of that Cooks Illustrated...

Rhea said...

The middle school had a fund raiser a few weeks ago where they sold magazine subscriptions. And, yep, we bought a bunch...I decided to give several as Christmas gifts, but I bought some for the kids and myself as well. UGH

Angela said...

LOL I love the eclectic subject matter mix you've got going! I have been trying to take Flylady's advice because she's right, it takes up way too much room and causes way too much guilt if I give free rein to my magazine habit. So now I try to get most of my updates on the web - like for things like Real Simple, People, and even Cooking Light (I've discovered, and I will admit right here in front of the world, that I simply don' Or even cooking particularly light. I give up, I can't do it. There, I feel better now. So anyway, I'm down to three cooking mags (only two of which I will renew), one gymnastics mag (my favorite sport - still!) and the Economist (it's where I get some perspective on what's going on in the world, because Lord knows you can't get it from our asinine media in this country!)

Okay, there endeth my magazine update. I'm off to bed as tomorrow promises to be another crazy day. Love and hugs!

Candid Carrie said...

I get one magazine. TV Guide. Can't live without it.

Oh, and I get Cat Fancy. Alright, two magazines that I can't live without.

Oh, and Better Homes and Garden's Quilting Magazine. Because I used to quilt and then I started collecting kids and cats and I have no time to quilt but I dream about quilting. Alright, three magazines that I can't live without.


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