Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spot's Sunday Entertainment Roundup

I'm running a little lot late today on posting. This whole week flew by in the blink of an eye (as has most of this year, I've noticed). So without further ado, let's talk entertainment.

The Book Roundup
I finally finished LAMB by Christopher Moore and LOVED IT! This was a well written book that was hilarious. I would think that it would appeal to people who are on both sides of the religious spectrum, as long as they have a good sense of humor.

The Movie Roundup
My buddy Shannon & I checked out Lakeview Terrace this week. It stars one of my fave hotties, Patrick Wilson and Samuel L. Jackson (who is from my hometown). Samuel plays the neighbor from hell to the new couple next door, who's interracial relationship he doesn't approve of. Interesting subject matter. It wasn't cinematic greatness, but it does feature an almost nude Patrick Wilson in one scene. Score! I say wait for this one on Netflix.

The T.V. Roundup
1. The Amazing Race started last Sunday and I just finished watching the 2nd episode. I LOVE this show! It's the travel bug and competitive person in me. There is a reason that this show has won multiple Emmy's. Not to mention that it's host is a hottie. Check it out.
2. Desperate Housewives also started last Sunday and so far, I think I like this whole flash forward thing. We'll see how it goes.
3. Brothers & Sisters got off to a raucous beginning last Sunday. I'm hoping for big things this season. Have I mentioned how many hot guys there are on this show?

And there you have it. I watched a ton of t.v. this week, but these were the only new shows that I haven't mentioned in previous weeks.

Y'all have a great week of entertainment! I have a feeling this week is going to have some new developments in the other categories. Yippee!


Kat said...

I am so glad that you LOVED Lamb. It's one of my favorites. I am even sending it off in my swap package. Now, you just need to read the rest of his books. They don't disappoint...

Michelle said...

New developments in other areas? Well if that isn't a tease, I don't know what is! That's so not fair.

Shannon said...

LAMB has now been added to my "to read" list!

Race was pretty good tonight... but I so want to reach into the TV and smack that Terrence! He is so annoying! He whines more than my kids! Sheesh!

Smoochiefrog said...

I'm enjoying Race and Housewives too. :)

But I totally have issues with Tina though. Her face is so plastic looking, it looks like it will melt off at any given moment.

Angela said...

Did you ever watch Private Practice? Let me know what you thought! I am STILL behind on TV and have STILL not seen any Grey's or DHW this fall. My DVR is stacking up so I am going to have to catch up this weekend. Waiting for this (literal) pain in the neck to subside so I can get caught up on virtually everything.


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