Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ladies Lunching

Recently, we've been trying to teach the girls a little about how money works. Big A is convinced that it just appears in my wallet every time she sees something that she can't live without. Which is often.
Ever since our last visit to the Aquarium, she's been pining for a sting ray stuffed animal. We gave her some cash as she helped us with things around the house. Soon, her piggy bank was full and she was ready to cash it in. After an elated visit to the gift shop, I took my girls to lunch. Just us girls.
I'm so thankful for restaurants that provide crayons and coloring pages. Big A creates a masterpiece.

Little A is also working hard on her picture.

Big A shows off her new best friend, Stingray. She named it Laura.

Little A (who has perfected this sly grin) enjoyed a new Shark, who she appropriately named Shark.

And this was my new friend for that day. Chocolate. Yummy.

I'm so grateful that my girls are VERY well behaved when we go out to eat. On this day, I was especially happy because the service was awful and the food (aside from the shake) pretty well sucked. Oh well. At least I had great company!


Kat said...

Oh my goodness! They are too cute! The kids not the stuffed animals.

Shannon said...

LOVE Little A's sly grin... she is workin' it!

Mmmm... chocolate! (and where did you go for lunch? I can't tell from the pics)

Kat said...

Yes, where are you? Way back when...the last time we went to the aquarium, we went over to eat at Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger. At the time Katie refused to eat meat. So we ordered her a PB&J. And when it arrived - it was on rye bread. WTF? A kids sandwich - and a pb&j for that matter? Yuck!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Looks like a great day neither A will soon forget.

Michelle said...

The money sounds like fairies... if you believe in it hard enough, it's real. I may try that theory ;)

And that chocolate shake looks divine. Now I have a craving for one!

Angela said...

Very cute! I love Little A's expression. That is hilarious!

Rhea said...

It's so nice when the kids are well-behaved. Whew. And look at those adorable expressions and pretty drawings and awesome stuffed animals! Love it.

Natalie said...

yummmmm, chocolate and good company. sounds like a great day!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Little A is a girl after my own heart - my pink teddy bear when I was little was named... Pink Teddy Bear


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