Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Morning Eye Candy

Happy Monday y'all! Let's cut to the chase here, because we all know what you're here for. And I'm a people pleaser.

Luke Wilson - The cute one of the Wilson brothers. Loved him in Legally Blonde! He's just so adorable.

Benjamin Bratt - MEOW! This guy is twelve kinds of hot. His new show The Closer is pretty good. Julia Roberts was crazy to let this guy go.

Jake Gyllenhaal - Oh, those boyish good looks. And he seems like he would be such a sweetheart in real life.

James Marsden - He's been in several films that I've enjoyed, but I really liked him in Enchanted. Such a hottie.

Josh Lucas - Three Words...Sweet Home Alabama. Rent it. You won't be sorry.

Keanu Reeves - It's the eyes. I'm big on the eyes. It's like they stare into your soul. So cute.

So, I hope you enjoyed this week's batch of cuties! I'm going through the archives and seeing what requests I've missed. Join me next week for more Monday joy.


Nik said...

ooooh Nice - I decided to check the blogs one last time before bed and I get this nice surprise. Thanks!! LOVE Keanu and Josh

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

!!! MMM!!! Thanks for the Josh lovin... mmmmm... nummy!!!

And James Marsden - more deliciousness!!!!

Shannon said...

Ooooooo... completely agree with you on Luke and Jake! And James Marsden is very nice, too!

Angela said...

Whee!! This was much nicer to wake up to than more hurricane weather reports!

But now wait a second. Am I the only one who thinks Owen Wilson is way cuter than Luke?

Kat said...

You know who is really hot? Goran Visjnic from ER. Yum. Him and Eric Dane. What is up with my thing for guys who play doctors? Wait, wait...don't answer that...

Rhea said...

Keanu Reeves totally doesn't do it for me. I don't see it. The rest are cute though. :o)

Michelle said...

Finally... a movie I've seen (Sweet Home Alabama)! And yep, he's a cutie alright!

What about the guy who used to play Brandon on DOOL?

Lula! said...

Good eye candy, as always. Especially Josh Lucas--he's a rugged sort. Just my type!

You know who I dig a lot? He's not very well known, but I love him...Henry Cavill. He's on The Tudors and he is altogether delicious. Another fabulous British import. (Just don't go by his IMDb photo--it's old and not nearly as flattering as it should be.)

CrystalChick said...

Good news that Rhea doesn't get into Keanu.... more time he has to spend with ME!!
Infact, I'm on some seriously dangerous ground here in that I'm considering a 4 way with him, Benjamin Bratt, and Jake Gyllenhaal. I wonder which one would tire first?? I need some B vitamins QUICK!!! ;)

Jenn said...

Ok,I agree with all of these guys !


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