Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spot's Sunday Entertainment Roundup

This week has been a little erratic with my entertainment quota. I've been swamped with work and consequently, things took a bit of a hit this week. However, I'm not going to let you down, so let's get this party started!

The Book Roundup
I finished Such A Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster and all I can say now is FINISH THE NEXT BOOK JEN. She's currently running behind on the deadline for her 4th book, but she posted a list of recommended reading on her blog this week. Which means that my desired reading list just got a WHOLE LOT LONGER. I currently have about 15 books on my bedside table that I want to read. However, I have now decided that this week I am tackling, Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Check back next week to see if I got sucked in like the rest of my homies.

The T.V. Roundup
I finished up Seasons 1 & 2 of Big Love and I am thoroughly hooked. Season 3 doesn't start on HBO until January, which is a good thing. Most of my Fall T.V. line up starts in 2 weeks, so I'll be knee deep in reviewing a LOT of t.v. in the upcoming weeks. Too much I'm sure.

The Movie Roundup
I'm heading out to the theaters to catch some new releases this week, but I caught the following flicks on Starz this week.
1. The Hoax - This is the Richard Gere film where he plays Clifford Irving, the guy who wrote the "authorized" auto-biography of Howard Hughes. Pretty decent film and it's based on a true story.
2. Superbad - I end up watching movies like this when hubby & I are home on a Friday night and he has the remote. I do not consider myself to be easily offended in any way, but this movie pushed the limit on what I'll watch. Excessive bad language and derogatory depictions of women are just the beginning of what I despised about this film. I'll not see it again and I encourage you not to waste your time. And let me further say that I have enjoyed several of Judd Apatow's other films. This one just sucked.
3. Sixteen Candles - Ah, a trip down memory lane. Jake Ryan is so hunky. If you've never seen this movie, what are you waiting for?

And that wraps up this week's roundup. Do you have any recommendations for me? Is there something out there that you've discovered that I need to know about? Please share. Unless it's a book, because my list runneth over. Well, ok, I might have room for a few more book suggestions.


Kelly said...

When I got together this weekend with my girlfriends, we all end up talking about books...I'm thinking of starting a book club. I'll be visiting yours and Kat's sight for book ideas :)

I've seen 1 1/2 seasons of Big is addictive, but I still can't get past the whole "sister wives" thing!

I also saw Superbad with my husband and I actually was in tears at some of the parts...look at my profile (I am 12 at heart).

CrystalChick said...

I started reading 'Twilight' and
'The War Within' (Bob Woodward) at Barnes. I just cannot buy any more books right now! I already have one (or 2 or 5) at home that I'm working on. 'Bliss' by Oz Liveneli? so far is good.

T.V. ... just patiently waiting for LOST. Got into Million Dollar Listing for awhile and watch stuff like Cash Cab and Jeopardy to work my brain!

Movies.... we're hoping to see 'Burn After Reading' any day now.
Sixteen Candles has been on alot lately and I catch atleast part of it every time. You know the guy who plays Jake, Michael Shoeffling grew up in South Jersey!! HELLO!

Angela said...

I also hated Superbad. It falls squarely into the category of "movies hubby thinks are hysterical that I think are so far beyond the pale of ridiculousness - and offensiveness - that I simply refuse to watch anymore."

Having said that, I will make an exception for Brewfest, which is also raunchy but even I laughed myself silly.

Oh, and don't forget I'm sending you home with a zillion boxes of books; feel free to keep any you want before sending the rest to McKays, LOL!

American in Norway said...

OK... SO I have never heard of anything you talked about... but now at least I have something to be on the look out for!

Rhea said...

Have you ever read Sophie's World? I read it a long time ago and just recently picked it up again. It's a wild book.

Rhea said...

I just rented True Blood, the new HBO series, from's only the first episode and it was FREE. I was excited.

Shannon said...

I cannot wait for Fall TV, too!!! House and Survivor both premiere this week!!!!

Kat said...

Shannon--I am so glad to know that I am not the only one on the planet that still watches Survivor. I love that show. Although I must admit that it was really going down hill. Until this past season. Best ever!

Angie--(don't you love it when your commenters talk to each other? - wait, perhaps I am talking to myself - will Shannon even come back to read??)

Anway...TV- you must watch "Weeds" MUSTMUSTMUSTMUST. And of course LOST. Books - I highly reccomend (or is it recommend? I always forget)any of Maarten Troost's books. I am almost done with his "Lost on Planet China." They are insightly, educational, and pee in your pants funny. Have you gotten Christopher Moore's "Lamb" yet? What about JR Ward's Dark Lover series? Oh, crud. You said you didn't want book suggestions. (See, just changed reccommend to suggestions. Hey...another way to spell it)

And movies? Haven't seen any in a while. Did you see Iron Man? LOVED that. And I want to see "Burn after reading."

Candid Carrie said...

Sixteen Candles? O M G I haven't seen that in ages! I think Molly Ringwald was born a teen and then just stuck that way. I've seen her cameo in a couple of things and she just doesn't seem to have aged.

Jane said...

Saw "The Women" this weekend, loved it. Great chick flick!
Catch it!

Tiffany said...

I've been meaning to go get Such A Pretty just reminded me!!!

Jennifer said...

i have been reading the stephanie meyers Twilight Saga series... I was completely sucked in. and i mean totally completely!! i dream of edward cullen. ugh.

there is a possible 5th book coming out some time too... after you finish them all check out her website for a preview of the 5th book... Midnight Sun... another view of Twilight.

I cannot wait for the movie to come out... thank goodness i can go see it in Nov. and not have to wait till decemeber.

you will like them... at least i hope you will. everyone else i have talked to loves them. :)



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