Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spot's Sunday Entertainment Roundup

Ok, so this post series didn't get off to a resounding start. Let's give it another go, shall we?

As I've mentioned many times here, I am a HUGE fan of tv & movies. I'm picking up books again too, so add another category to the list. LOL! My plan here is to mention some of my favorites of the past week that will either save you some time in the video store and clue you in on a gem you might not know about. And without further ado...

The Movie Roundup
1. Vantage Point - If you liked Memento, you'll probably like this. If you didn't, save your time.
2. Cake - Cute flick with Heather Graham and Sandra Oh. Bad language alert if you're easily offended.
3. The 40 Yr Old Virgin - I think I was the only person on this earth who hadn't seen this yet. I loved it. Steve Carell is comic genius.
4. Juno - Words cannot express how much I loved this movie. I wouldn't recommend it as viewing for anyone under 18 or really irresponsible, but anyone else, go for it!
5. In the Valley of Elah - Wow! Great film. I love Tommy Lee Jones and he's great in this along with Charlize Theron.
6. Rendition - There's a good reason why this one went straight to DVD. It's not a total stinker, but I would only recommend it if you REALLY love Reese Witherspoon or Jake Gyllenhaal and have about 2 hours to kill.
7. Election - Speaking of Reese, this is one of her earlier films. Man, that girl can act. This film is pretty funny and Matthew Broderick plays a character that I just find hysterically funny.
8. Penelope - This is a cute film that stars my future hubby, James McAvoy. And he looks mighty fine in it. Great acting by Christina Ricci also!
9. Starter for Ten - Ok, I wasn't kidding a while back when I said that every James McAvoy film was in my queue. This is another one of his. It's a brit film (which I tend to love anyway) and the soundtrack is PERFECTION. For anyone who loves late 80's brit rock (i.e. The Smiths, The Cure) then the soundtrack alone is worth checking this film out.
10. Mamma Mia! - Who knew Meryl Streep & Pierce Brosnan could sing? This flick was great and I have been singing ABBA's greatest hits all week. My thanks to Shannon for laughing along with me!

The T.V. Roundup
1. Big Love - After reading many things about this series, I finally Netflix'd it and am so glad I did. I'm a big Bill Paxton fan and he doesn't disappoint in this series. The whole polygamy thing is kind of lampooned in this show, which makes it very entertaining. I've only seen the first 2 episodes of season 1 (because Netflix screwed me over on shipping this week), but I'm hoping to catch up this week.
2. Max & Ruby - For any preschoolers reading this week, I've seen many episodes of this cute little show on Noggin and I highly recommend it. There are now more eppy's of this on my DVR than 90210. Yep, I'm officially a mom.

The Book Roundup
1. Bright Lights, Big Ass by Jen Lancaster - I'm halfway through this book and I have yet to stop laughing. Hubby seriously cannot believe the tear-induced laughter that happens every time I open up this book. So far, I highly recommend it!
2. Tempted by Megan Hart - Warning, this book REQUIRES an NC-17 rating. I've read some racy stuff in my years, but this one takes the cake. I'm only a few chapters in, but it's a pretty good story line mixed with a lot of memorable scenes. Hey, I don't party anymore and I've been married for almost 12 years now. I have license to enjoy some racy reading every now and then. Ha ha.

And there you have it! Join me next week for a smaller roundup (since I'm not catching up 4 weeks worth of info). And join me in giving a resounding "Hooray" that the fall television season is almost here. Only a few more weeks until I get my weekly McDreamy fix. Yum!


Shannon said...

Max & Ruby is a big hit here, too. I think I'm the biggest fan though! Max is too adorable... I love all his facial expressions.

I'll have to check out Juno and Penelope. My trial period for Netflix ends tomorrow. I've been sucked in! I'm definitely keeping my membership!

Nik said...

Thanks for the tidbits!

I can't wait to see some of those movies. I agree that Mamma Mia! was a fun chick flick. Although - I will never look at 007 the same.

Kelly said...

I've got to know a couple things....
1. How many netflix movies do you get at a time?
2. If it's 2 or less do you actually remember to mail them back so you get movies that often? (read between the lines...I never used netflix to my advantage)
3. How many books can you read at a time?
I'm definitely checking out Juno!

Angela said...

LOL Can't wait for McDreamy to return to the screen! I saw a trailer go by for GA last night, but we had no sound on the TV at the time so I must remember to go back and watch online.

Sounds like you've watched and read a lot recently! I am glad you told me it was 4 weeks worth, so now I don't feel like quite such an underachiever, LOL!

Kat said...

Geeze have watched a lot of stuff! I can't believe you missed "The 40 year old virgin." Such a funny movie. Have you seen "Knocked up?"

And "Election" is one of my favorite movies. If you liked it - you should read the book. Tom Perrotta is a genius. And his "Little Children" is a great send up of the suburban housewife. His most recent "The abstinece teacher" is on my shelf.

I will disagree with you about Juno not being for teens. I think it's a great movie to see with your tween or teen. It's a great movie to use as a starter for a dialogue. Oh...and that scene where the step mom pats the dad on the knee and says "well, you know it wasn't HIS idea..." OMG - if Madalyn ever gets herself into any kind of trouble...this is what I'll be thinking...

Is this the longest comment ever yet?

I love Big Love. I need to figure out when it's coming back so that I can reactivate HBO. Not sure if I can wait for the DVD version. Last season ended with such a cliffhanger.

And I am so glad you are liking "Tempted." Looking forward to the final assessment on that one.

Jane said...

You'll love this. The buzz at hubby's work is where are Max and Ruby's parents and why do they let her do anything she wants!!
Obviously, Girl loves them too!!

Michelle said...

Sadly, you just listed more movies you've seen in the last four weeks than I've seen in the last 10 years. Ok, actually I suppose that's not technically true if you count movies I've seen on airplanes while flying but still... that's quite the daunting list. And I've seen exactly yep 0 of those!


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