Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's raining cats and dogs

We decided to take in our local kennel club's all-breed dog show today. As we arrived and saw the onslaught of RV's, I suddenly had horrible flashbacks to that hilarious movie, Best In Show. These people weren't playing around.

We made our way to the first ring of the day. The only one I insisted on seeing completely. The German Shepherds. And there were some ADORABLE dogs here. It made me misty seeing all these cute furballs.

And then we made our way around to check out some of the other cuties. Here's a French Bulldog. Those ears get me every time. How could you not love that face?

Moving on to the English Bulldogs. These guys are cute too, despite their affiliation with a certain school that shall remain nameless. Ahem.

And then a horse show broke out. No, my bad, it's just the Great Danes. And these guys were enormous. And way cute in that gangly, goofy sort of way.

We made our way up to the bleachers, where we found a loving bond between a gal and her dog. I've never considered Dobermans as lap dogs, but these 2 proved me wrong.

Here's hubby and Big A. She asked me to take this pic. She was a bit jealous of all the camera time that the dogs got prior to this.

And of course we now have hubby with Little A. My little ham.

After watching some of the show from the bleachers, we made our way outside, where Little A made a new friend. This Bloodhound was completely enamored with the girls. And they thought he was pretty cool too.

I've always had a thing for Borzois. They used to be called Russian Wolfhounds. I call them cute.

This, I don't get. And I think that stupid haircut is a lot of why I don't care for Standard Poodles. Or any Poodle for that matter.

But this, well, I could eat this up all day. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are cute all on their own, but puppies are a whole new level of cute!

And so, after a full morning of fun at the dog show, we made a big decision. It is time to finally add some pets back into our home. The question is, what kind? And so we decided on these 2 fiesty ones. Allow me to introduce...

Our new little girl, Leaf

And our new little boy, Percy

Yeah, we'll see how long this lasts. Meow.


Shannon said...

This looks like fun... wish I had known about it! There's something about French bulldogs that's growing on me... I used to think they were ugly. And someday I'd love to have either a Pembroke or a Westie.

The pics of the As with their daddy are too cute.

Did I ever tell you my sister has a Great Dane? Big dog. Big. Her tail is a weapon of mass destruction, I kid you not!

Michelle said...

Oh, too funny! After looking at all the animal pictures, I was going to ask what you brought home with you.

I love the little kittens -- good names. They look a bit older than most "kitten" kittens; were they shelter cats? Oh, and my mom had a grey Percy that looked a lot like yours when she got married (wedding present, I think?) that lasted until I was 8 or so. (That would make him 17.) Good luck with them!

Kelly said...

Best in Show is one of my all time favorite movies. One of my favorite parts is when the go visit the ex-boyfriend who is a police negotiator. I love his technique in trying to get his kid off the garage roof!!

My sister's child is a fawn doberman who thinks he is a little dog. So the doberman pic made me smile.

Angela said...

Oh my gosh, there is so much here to comment on that I don't know where to start. You know this is a favorite subject of mine, LOL!

Loved the Danes (such gorgeous dogs, and so gentle for their size), the Dobie pic (TOO cute - my Nana would have loved this), the Frenchie (I still want one...still working on this), the Bloodhound (have been in love with these ever since Best in Show, LOL!) and of course the English Bulldogs. And I KNOW I didn't just hear you diss my school, LOL!

The girls are adorable as always, and welcome to the new feline members of the family! They remind me of when you had Andy!

Rhea said...

I love your new boy and girl critters!! Adorable!

I've never been to an animal show. How cool. My boys would fall in love.

And those poodle cuts...horrible. Just horrible.

Kat said...

How fun! And look at your new babies. At least they are not kittens. Who like to chew. And might short out your laptop. Love the names. Percy is a great cat name. I still wish the girls would have named ours Agnes and Myrtle. All in your honor.

And isn't "Best in Show" the best?? Have you seen "A mighty Wind?" I love it!

Candid Carrie said...

I bred and showed shih tzus and yorkies for about ten years. I feel like I lived at dog shows.

When I sold my kennel we took in rescued Danes. We had four danes when we moved into this house. They are so loving and so endearing and they had no clue they weren't lap dogs.

We always rescued the broken, the beaten and the damned dogs and we had to put down many because of pain or disease but we always felt we gave them a great happy ending. This is the first time in over fifteen years that we don't have any dogs at all. Sure, we have seven cats but seven cats are not a dog. Not even close.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Hello...I love standard poodles, but not that haircut, that's for sure! We had a standard poodle and I loved him, his name is Max! :)

I love Shitzu's also...they are cute to me...Have fun with your cats, I love pets!

Jane said...

OK you set us up with the dog show and then brought home kitties! If I had only known, my hubby would have gladly given you 2 of ours!!

Connordog said...

I just love dog shows! It looks like this was a pretty big one too!


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