Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Next Monday marks one of my very favorite days of every year. The First Day of Fall! This day marks the beginning of my absolute favorite time of year. I'm lucky to live in a part of the country where we actually have 4 seasons. Fall beats them all, hands down. And so, let's take a look at:

Thirteen Reasons That Angie Loves Fall

1. The weather finally migrates from a miserable hot & humid to a manageable cool & breezy.

2. Going to the apple orchard to pick apples and drink fresh apple cider.

3. Hayrides with the ones I love. There's nothing like the smell of straw and the hum of a tractor.

4. Getting lost in corn mazes. This city boasts several GREAT corn mazes within easy driving distance.

5. Fall festivals and craft fairs. This city has an enormous number of church bazaars, craft fairs and fall festivals celebrating everything from cornbread to an old mill. I love the South.

6. Traipsing through the pumpkin patch, looking for the perfect pumpkin. We discovered an AWESOME pumpkin patch in Georgia last year, that we will be returning to. The kids had a ball climbing on pumpkins bigger than them!

7. "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" Classic cartoon that my girls will watch every year from now on.

8. Jeans and sweaters...the staples of my wardrobe. I really need to move to a colder climate.

9. The gorgeous palate of colors that the trees produce. The verdant greens turn to rich reds, fiery oranges and buttery yellows.

10. Pumpkin Bread...all day, every day. This is the only time of year that I can get away with having pumpkin bread in the house. Hubby's not a fan and I don't think he cares for the smell. My girls are already big fans!

11. Harvest scented candles from Yankee Candle. This is the only scent of candle that I absolutely cannot live without. One whiff takes me to Fall every time. It smells divine!

12. Halloween candy in earnest. Again, the only time of year that I can get away with having candy in the house. Ok, maybe not really, but it sounded good anyway.

13. Rich food, college football and spending lots of time with the ones you love the most. Fall is the best!


Nik said...

Oooh - I pretty much have to say DITTO to everything you just listed except for the apple stuff.

hmmm - what would I put in it's place? Probably the exit of bugs. YAY!

Shannon said...

Mmmmm... I can't wait to make some pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing... I'm salivating already!

First time we went to the corn maze, we went after dinner. At dusk. With no flashlights.

And I am looking forward to jeans and sweaters, too! Although it has been nice to just throw on some shorts and flip-flops and head out the door... but I do love my sweaters. And sweatshirts. And hoodies.

Shannon said...

Oh, and I have tagged you for a meme if you want to play along!

Jane said...

Amen sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is nothing like the fall in Tn.and the South in general. Email me about the pumpkin patch you found in Ga. We went to one in Stevenson Al. but I'm trying to find one closer since we have a car-ride-screamer now!!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oh how I LOVE fall.... for all those reasons you stated... and for getting to sleep with the windows open and buried in covers!

Connordog said...

I love fall too!!! Halloween, festivals, Charlie Brown, all of it - LOVE IT!!!

When do we finally get to meet in person? Huh????

Kat said...

I think Shannon is trying to take over the top commenter spot on everyone's blog. She's vying with Rhea on mine. And now she is trying to take me down here. I can hear her mad scientist laugh all the way from here.

Kat said...

Oh, I suppose a response to the actual content of your post might be appropriate.

I love fall. I love the clothes that cover me up more so that I can pretend that you can't tell how big my hips are if I wear a shirt that covers them.

And have you ever had the Weight Watchers pumpkin/chocolate muffins? Simple, simple, simple recipe...and yummy.

Michelle said...

I was initially thinking, but I HATE fall. It's the end of summer, and it's about to get cold.

But then I realized that I LOOOOVE #s: 2, 6, 7, and 13. And that's enough for me!

CrystalChick said...

All awesome reasons to love this time of year!!!

Lula! said...

We were separated at birth? I could've written this list. Every. Single. Word.

Jennifer said...

I live in NY.. and Fall is my favorite, hands down, season of all!! I love the warm sunshine of Summer and doing family vacations camping and all but something about Fall is just PERFECT and I think it is all the things you described here. GREAT T13. :)

I love the smell of the air and the beautiful colors that Fall brings. I like the breeze that is cool with the sun that is still nice and warm.

The one and ONLY thing that I do not like about Fall is that when it is gone it leaves us with winter! :( yuck. I hate being cold and I hate snow and slush and mess and well not think about that... Fall... how wonderful. And I love "fall" scented candles, so I will definitely have check out the Yankee Candle Harvest scent... I have been keeping my distance from YC only b/c I have so many candles that I wanted to use up before I bought more. :)

xoxoxo enjoy your day!!

Angela said...

LOL I agree! So I guess if fall doesn't actually start till the 22nd I can be forgiven for not having my decorations up yet. And yeah, I love fall so much I actually decorate for it! :-)

Rhea said...

That was so nice to read. I LOVE, love, love fall. My favorite time of year...for all those reasons you mentioned!

Kelly said...

Fall is my favorite time of year also...however we don't get it I'm a little green with envy. Can I come for a visit?!

To add one of my fall favorites: Pumpkin Icecream!!! It's to die for!!


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