Saturday, September 27, 2008

Animal Farm

We had a VERY busy Saturday here. I'm sure Fall is like this all over the place, but I really love it around the South. There are tons of events and festivals that occur during this time of year and frequently, events overlap each other because there are just too many things going on and very few weekends. This weekend was one of those times.

We set out early this morning to attend the Hyperflite Skyhoundz Disc Dog World Championships. This was an event new to our city, but we're hoping they'll return each year. It was amazing seeing all these dogs that jumped, flew and snatched the discs that their partners threw. Here are a few pics that I snapped of the action.

Here's the family & I. The girls were less than enthused to be here, until the action began. And even then, they lost interest pretty quickly. Hopefully that will change in a couple of years.

This was the first competitor of the day. He was from Florida (I think). This Border Collie was AMAZING!

Here's another of his tricks. He was balancing on his partner's feet. Awesome!

This dog was from Houston. He had some pretty cool tricks with his female partner. It was nice to see a lot of female handlers out here in a sport that I thought was male dominated.

This dog & handler team was from Antwerp, Belgium. See, it really was a WORLD championship. We're pretty sure this was a Belgion Malinois dog and she was extremely fast and sharp. A real joy to watch.

One last shot of the Belgian contenders.

So, after the dog show, we hopped on a bus and headed to the County Fair. This is a huge event here each year and now that the girls are getting older, it's so much fun to attend. Both girls were adamant about riding the ponies, so we headed there first. Here's Big A with all smiles.

And Little A, who wasn't really enthused at first, but that quickly changed!

One of the cool things about the fair is being able to see lots of different farm animals that we don't get to see very often. The duck tent had ducklings that were 8 days old. Too cute! Big A wanted to bring this one home I think.

Little A wasn't too sure about this fowl. I think it actually nibbled her finger a bit.

After checking out lots of livestock, we ate a yummy lunch. Little A is a more adventurous eater than Big A, so she was all about trying some of the things that hubby & I were enjoying. She now thoroughly enjoys sweet tea and fresh squeezed lemonade. Here she is scamming some of my drink.

After lunch, we headed to the "Pickin' Porch" where local talent takes the stage. There's a variety of acts that perform here. You can hear everything from folk, country, bluegrass and rock. This was Big A's favorite thing. I think we have a budding musician (or music snob) in the works. Here's Daddy and the A's enjoying the sounds from the stage. After taking a little train ride around the park, we went back to the car and drove home, all very tired, but marking this day a success!


Angela said...

Awesome!! I love all the pics and it was beautiful yesterday (here too!). The girls look like they had a great outing!

I am sorry we will not make the pumpkin patch, but I'm looking forward to Dawsonville!

Rhea said...

Dang you had a busy Saturday! A dog show and the county fair, holy smokes. Great photos!

Kelly said...

What a fun family day...You've got the greatest smile. Everytime I see you in a picture, I have to smile. You have the gift of the contagious smile!!

Kat said...

Look at all you guys did! We had that same lemonade cup at our county fair last weekend.

Do you think a comment could possibly be any more random than that? :-)

Kat said...

Oh, and I made Michael take the girls to the disc dog thing when it came to Stone Mountain park Because I am all about a day to myself.

Kat said...

Do you think Shannon is going to accuse me of comment padding?

Shannon said...

Jeez, Kat! I was only one comment behind you! Oh, I am so making this one into at least three...

Shannon said...

We didn't make it to either the Disc Dog Championship or the County Fair this year...

DP wanted to go to the Fair. I think she just likes going because she can ride the school bus there and back.

(ok, that makes two comments...)

Shannon said...

I love little kids on horses... for some reason seeing their little legs all splayed out is so funny!

Nik said...

Oh my gosh - I love all the photos! The duckling pics are too cute.

Those dogs are AMAZING!


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