Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

I am a child of the computer age. I can remember sitting in my dad's office on the weekends and playing with the most basic AutoCad programs on the largest desktop pc EVER. I loved my Atari system and coveted the first Apple IIE that ever landed in my home. Computers have been an integral part of my life since early on.

As a result, it's no surprise to me that I ended up in a job that required me to be on a computer for long periods of time. And now that I have left that job, I still manage to necessitate hours each day on the computer while finding recipes, checking email, researching activities, blogging, checking email, shopping, checking email, working and oh yeah, checking email.

All of this time on the computer has given me pause to ponder what sites I visit on a regular basis. So, let's check out "THIRTEEN WEBSITES THAT ARE GRACED WITH ANGIE'S PRESENCE EACH DAY".

1. Gmail - And many other members of the Google family, including but not limited to, Google Reader, Google Images, Google Calendar, Google Maps, etc...

2. Perez Hilton - I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this one, but I'm trying to keep it real here. I'm a celebrity gossip nut and this site is a fave of mine. The ads are pretty annoying and some of the content is stupid, but every now and then, a real gem pops up.

3. Pogo - I'm not much of a video gamer, but this site gets traffic from me pretty often because I am officially addicted to their Bingo Luau. I'm just 2 steps away from one of those ladies that you see in the movies with 30 cards, 15 good luck charms and 6 different ink daubers trying to keep up with the caller. The good news here is that pogo is 100% free. Phew.

4. Netflix - To say that I manage my queue obsessively would be an understatement. Anytime I see a movie or t.v. show that I know I will not catch on first run, off I run to Netflix to save it for future viewing. And for anyone out there who has never tried Netflix, but would like a month's free trial, comment here or email me. I can hook you up.

5. Amazon - What did we do before Amazon existed? How did I live without constant suggestions based on my buying patterns? How did I function before the wishlist was a part of my life? Amazon is a gift...from the shopping gods.

6. MyPoints - This is an affiliate site that gateways to many of the mainstream shopping retailers that do online sales. You earn points based on your shopping and email reading habits and then earn giftcards to some great retailers! To date, I've earned g.c.'s to Old Navy twice and Barnes & Noble.

7. Disney - Since we are planning this big trip, I've been spending a lot of time at this site. Thanks to my readers though, I was informed about a few other "can't miss" sites also. And they are: Disboards, MouseSavers, and AllEars. Despite my entry on Tuesday, I'm really very excited about our trip. I just wish I wasn't so obsessive about planning this trip to death.

8. PDGA - My hubby will probably be stunned to find out that I visit this site regularly. This is the Professional Disc Golf Association. My hubby is a pro disc golfer and it's a hobby that he's trying to drag me into, while I kick & scream. (I'm not an athletic gal and I don't enjoy the outdoors) For his bday this month, my gift to him was agreeing to play golf with him 1-2 times a week. I'm into week 2 so far and it's going ok. It's not quite as miserable as I expected it to be.

9. Scrap Your Trip - This online scrapbooking mecca is paradise to me. Anything travel (and then some) related that I could possibly dream up, can be found here. And they send out a bi-weekly email to apprise me of any new items that I possibly missed. Yippee!

10. FlyLady - This team of women are my heroes. I knew when I popped on their site and saw the tagline, that I was home. It says, "Are you suffering from CHAOS? Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome?" Yep, that's me alright. Flylady is slowly helping me recover from CHAOS and move into a semi-regular entertaining diva. Or, at the very least, someone who isn't mortified to have unannounced company show up.

11. CopyKat - This site is a GREAT recipe database, especially if you're looking to duplicate a recipe from a favorite restaurant. Just put in the restaurant's name or some keywords and voila, instant recipe. And many of the ones I have tried have come out pretty darn close if not spot on.

12. Australia - I know this is an obscure one, but there is a reason. My BFF & I are in the early stages of planning a BIG trip for our 20th high school reunion. (Which is a few years off) So far, Australia and New Zealand are on the itinerary, but we're also considering Japan on our adventure. Anyone with travel advice, I welcome your comments!

13. My blogroll homies - I currently track 63 blogs on Google Reader. And the number changes daily because I often remove and add blogs like the wind blows. So, if you're looking for a new read, check out my blogroll on the left side of the page. There's something for everyone there.

And there you have it, some insight into my internet habits. Hope you weren't too frightened. Tomorrow I'll be back on the Friday Foto Fiesta bandwagon, so come on back for a photo (or 2 or 10) from the archives.


Lula! said...

Perez, baby. He's good to throw out some Twilight lovin', so that makes me appreciate him even more. I totally check his site regularly and I'm not the least bit ashamed.

Rock on, Angie...rock on!

All Things BD said...

OMG, someone else who plays Bingo Luau on Pogo! Thank you for sharing my shame. I try to balance it out by also playing Word Whomp. Um, and Poppit.

Angela said...

I am totally with you. I do not check all those on a daily basis, but a lot of them are in my own lineup. Except that every time I go into our Netflix queue, my husband comes along behind me and changes it. But I love your idea on saving movies that will eventually come out on DVD. What a great idea! So far I only add ones I know are already out, but your idea would really help me remember (six months later) what in the world it was that I wanted to see!

Michelle said...

Oh I love your list. It cracks me up. And makes me so happy to think about what life might be like one day when the wee ones are in school and I can spend more time on the computer (hahahahaha - I crack me up).

And if it makes you feel any better, my MIL *IS* one of those ladies with six daubers (actually more but six colors) and a bucket and her good luck charms and her candles and and and... yep, she goes at least three times a week. And plans trips to visit us AROUND her bingo. You're totally fine, trust me.

Rhea said...

I loved the insight into the websites you visit! Very cool. And don't you dare be embarrassed about being a celebrity news whore. We all have something like that. Some of us more than others. :o)

Shannon said...

Oh, how I also love Amazon...

And I will have to check out CopyKat...

Kat said...

I am on amazon daily. Darn amazon prime leads to lots of impulsive purchases. And netflix. And gmail. I don't know how I could exist without my google calendar. And everyone needs to get onboard with gmail. Have you tried out Chrome?

Kelly said...

There were a lot of sites I've never heard of and now I need to visit.

Don't be embarrassed about Perez! He's a guily pleasure ;)


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