Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spot's Sunday Entertainment Roundup

It's been a very busy week around here. I'm surprised the t.v. is still functioning after the amount of activity that it's been subjected to this week. Let's recap, shall we?

The Book Roundup
I have nothing new to report here. Due to the sheer volume of season premieres on t.v. this week, I didn't make any headway on the 2 books I started. I'm planning to finish both of them this week and have a full report next week.

The Movie Roundup
Netflix delivered a movie this week, that I saw a few months ago and really enjoyed. It's called Definitely, Maybe and it stars the delicious Ryan Reynolds. It's a great romantic comedy and I might even talk hubby into watching it with me before I send it back. Two thumbs up!

The T.V. Roundup
I can promise no spoilers here for those who have DVR'd shows and not watched them yet. Here's a few of the highlights from my marathon viewing this past week.
1. Two & a Half Men is back and I absolutely LOVE this show. The writing is hilarious and the delivery from every actor on the series is spot on. I'm so glad it's back!
2. Boston Legal began their final season and I'm so delighted to see James Spader each week again.
3. Biggest Loser: Families continued the new season with more misery and challenges that brought the contestants and viewers to tears.
4. Criminal Minds returned to resolve the fierce cliffhanger from last season. Phew! This is a great psychological thriller show that usually does without the gore that CSI now favors. Yuck.
5. Lipstick Jungle is a show that I kind of got cozy with last season. I'm not broken up if I miss it, but I do try to catch it. They went in a direction that I wasn't expecting in the season premiere, so I might try to watch a little more fervently this season.
6. Survivor: Gabon is the 17th installment of this show. And I'm completely embarrassed to say that I have seen EVERY.SINGLE.SEASON. See, I told you I have a t.v. addiction. This new season looks pretty darn good. I already have a couple of contestants that I'm rooting against.
7. Grey's Anatomy is back and I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. I've watched since day 1 and I'm glad that the writing is finally moving back into the smart and sassy style that I fell in love with 3 seasons ago. Oh, and they added a new hunky doctor. That gets high marks in my book too.

And there you have it. I wish I could say that this was all of the t.v. that I watched this week, but it's nowhere close. I'm a rerun whore and am watching Cosby Show reruns as I write this. Fall t.v. season is in full swing and I love it. Fall is THE BEST!


Michelle said...

Ok, so I have to ask. I watched Grey's last night online before going to bed (we have the old fashioned Tivo that does only one show at a time and I Tivo'd The Office this week because NBC used to NOT be available online to watch later). Is the new doctor permanent or was he just a guest star this week?

Shannon said...

Have yet to see Definitely, Maybe... will have to add it to my Netflix queue (the next one I have coming is Casino Royale,,, haven't seen it before, either)

Did you catch The Mentalist (the new show with Simon Baker)? I missed it on Tuesday, completely forgot about it... but CBS aired it again Friday night and I watched it then. I thought it was pretty good!

Angela said...

Yay! Fall TV is back!

I have not yet seen Grey's but will watch this week. I'm way behind on most everything because of Pixie ;-) But looking forward to reading your updates! Love ya!

Rhea said...

I missed all the new shows this week. I did record them on the DVR, I just haven't had a chance to sit down and watch them. I'm glad to hear Two and a Half Men is back, that show is AWESOME! And, Grey's and Survivor. Can't wait to watch them.

I did end up reading a lot this week though.

Kat said...

My reading has seriously suffered due to blogging. Now I read blogs, not books. Well...a few books, but nothing like what I used to do.

And have you noticed that Shannon is trying to take my top spot. That I wrastled away from Angela such a short time ago??

Kat said...

And have I mentioned that she sends me gloating emails about this fact? With maniacal laughter?

Oh...and of the shows you mentioned...I only watch Survivor. Which I have a feeling is wrong on many levels.

And is that one team not a bunch of idiots?


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