Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weigh In Wednesday

Another week, another weigh in. I waited a while to post this today because my morning didn't exactly get started off in a good way. Suffice it to say, my attitude wasn't stellar and I didn't want that to affect the tone of my report.

So, I was a little startled to realize that I have now gained back all but .2 lbs that I lost from my illness 2 weeks ago. Now, if that isn't a talent, well, I don't know what is. But, I'm not beating myself up too much.

I haven't gotten back into exercise mode and my sweet tooth has been a little crazy lately. And I know that my body was REALLY dehydrated from being sick and that my monthly visitor plays a supporting role in this little drama, so it's been a roller-coaster week around here.

I've decided to scale back this week (no pun intended) and try to focus on a couple of smaller goals, that should be more attainable. I'm going to a) write down everything I eat and b) make every effort to work out at least 3 times before next Wednesday morning. Come back next week to see the results. For more weight loss adventures, check out OSB.


Jennifer said...

Hi there. thanks for the congrats!! we are goign to busy busy busy now... packing and moving and working on the hse. it needs quite a bit done before we can move in. :)

i'm sorry to hear that you are having a rough morning today. :( that stinks. i hope your day got better. :)

the weight thing is hard... i try not to think about my weight issues and make silly excuses for it... but neither are working for me. ;) I think I might have to join your weigh in wednesday once things settle down here a little bit. i'm hoping that with the move and working on the house and all that, that i drop some pounds, but who knows. i'm known to do crazy thing. lol okay not funny but i'm trying look on the bright side.

anyway... it is a bummer that you gained back weight, but they say that most weight lost from illness or things like that is always gained back... so i'm glad you aren't beating yourself up over it. ;) plus, you did keep off .2 so that is something.

gotta take baby steps and i'm sure you will get there. i like your plan for this week... and i think it will work, i'm anxious for you and i'm also anxious to hear your progress!! :)

best wishes to you!!

xoxoxoxoo HUGS!!!

Kat said...

Okay. I actually have advise. Not that I use it or anything. Well...not recently or anything. ready? Don't step on the scale. Really. Weigh in once a month. Not weekly. Especially not daily. Do it at your "Thinnest" point. Like a week after your cycle. It's less frustrating. Or, better yet, don't weigh at all. Use your clothes as the measuring tape. Okay...that's all I got.

Oh, wait. You didn't ask for advice did you? I despise unsolicited advise. Don't listen to people who offer it :-)

Shannon said...

I think you are on the right track with setting small goals for yourself. Sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about how much weight I need to lose, what I should be eating, what I shouldn't be eating... then its like, why bother?

Angela said...

You can do it!! Baby steps!! Start cutting back a little at a time on extra snacks and things like that. If you can drop Halloween candy entirely, do it - I haven't even bought any yet because I know I would just eat it. Hang in there! Love ya!

Kelly said...

I am so late on this...sorry!! Keep up the good attitude and I think small goals are a smart way to go.


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