Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Night Out

Hubby & I are trying to get back into the dating scene. With each other that is. Since the 2 A's have come along, we've gotten out of the habit of just the 2 of us going out. One of my New Year's Goals was to incorporate "date night" once a month. (I hate the term resolution. To me resolution translates to "task you don't plan to achieve") Well, here we are into month 8 of this fine year and I think we've been on 2 dates so far. Kinda sad, huh?

Anyway, one thing that hubby & I do together in earnest is watch t.v. Ok, not terribly romantic, but it does spurn some good times and some hilarious stories. We've recently gotten hooked on NBC's Last Comic Standing. There's only 1 comic on that show that I find absolutely hilarious (and he's totally good looking). See.

Well, I was VERY excited to discover that he was coming to my humble little town to do some shows at our local comedy club last week. His name is Jeff Dye. He'll be on the finale of LCS this Thursday night at 8pm, so check him out. Anyway, back to my original story.

So, hubby & I got all gussied up. (That's southern for "something other than a t-shirt and shorts since it's so blazin' hot here") I even wore my new bling. Not sure if you can tell in the pic. Here's us. And before anyone asks, I was drinking "Sex on the Beach". And it was so yummy, that I had 2. And laughed way more than usual. I'm sure the enormous amount of alcohol had nothing to do with that.

And here are our friends Mark & Andrea. Aren't they a cute couple. We're so glad they found each other! We hope it's a permanent thing.

Anyway, we enjoyed some overpriced (but yummy) drinks and a great comedy show. We stayed out late and enjoyed every second of it. Maybe this will be the reminder that we need to go out more often. I felt like a teen coming home from a hot date when we made it home to bid goodnight to the babysitter. We need to recreate that feeling more often!


Rhea said...

I'm so jealous...a fun night out with your hubby and other adults, comedy, alcohol?! You can't go wrong with that combination!

Since we've moved to the Dallas area, I think we've had maybe one date...and we've been here a year now! That's bad. yikes.

Our anniversary is coming up in a few days...we must celebrate that, right?!

Kelly said...

It's something lacking in my relationship also...it's hard when the kidlets are little!

BTW, I just tagged you for a meme...come by and check it out.

Angela said...

Fun! The last comic I saw at home was Carrot Top, about a zillion years ago at the Comedy Catch. Is that place still around?

And you guys look great! So glad you had a good time. Can't wait to see you soon!

Jane said...

The only time Greg and I go without (kids that is) is his once a year work-mandated dinner downtown. Since D. is 14 and Greg's only been with EP for 2 yrs, guess that's alot of dates to make up! Of course we always go by ourselves to the hospital to have ANOTHER child!!!!!!!!!!!


Kat said...

We are so very fortunate. My mom lives with us...so we date. A lot. It is so important to have time with just the two of us. I hope you can finagle another one soon!

Shannon said...

I'm jealous... its been awhile since Shane and I have had a night out to ourselves!

It was great seeing you tonight! Thanks again for coming :)

Connordog said...

It's so hard to find time to "date" even when you don't have kids! Kudos to you for making the time!

Jen said...

Hello Jeff Dye...where have you been all my life? Funny and cute?! That is a great combination.

Glad you had a fun date night!


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