Thursday, August 28, 2008

School Daze

*I'm prefacing this by saying that I've worked on this entry for a week now and I've HAD IT. Blogger formatting SUCKS. Ok, let's move on.

After reading all the "first day of school" posts last week, I am finally throwing mine into the hat. Both of my girls go to preschool and it's curriculum based, so they're learning far more there, than they do sitting at home watching me blog all day long. Ok, maybe not ALL day long. They do still nap sometimes.

Anyway, here are the first day pics for you to enjoy. This is of course, more about the outfit selection than anything.

Here's Little A on her very first day of preschool. She was so excited! She's been wanting to go ever since we dropped off Big A for her first day last year. She even picked out this adorable dress from the sale rack at Gap Kids. See, I am teaching them a useful skill. Discount shopping.

Here's Big A in her adorable polka dot dress (again from the Gap Kids sale aisle). She's VERY excited to be starting back to school.

My girls together. Do you know that people ask me ALL the time if they are twins? Sometimes I feel like I'm on an episode of Little People, Big World. If you've seen the show, you'll know what I'm alluding to. If not, explaining it would cancel out the humor of it.

Here's Little A in front of her school. What, you mean she's in a different outfit? Oh my, you're right! You see, I got them all dressed up on the first day for what turned out to be me filling out paperwork for an hour while they destroyed 2 classrooms. Ha! That'll teach you to dupe me into not having my first day of freedom without the kids. Oops. Did I say that out loud? Moving on.

This is her ACTUAL first day of school. Where I actually got to leave and go to Starbucks without kids in tow. A whole new experience.

And here's Big A on her REAL first day. Recognize the dress? It made it's debut appearance in this post. See, I did get the green icing out!

I'm happy to report that both girls are having a ball with school and mommy is a little less stressed with her minimal amounts of free time so far. Once phase-in is complete, mommy will have ample opportunity to hit the gym and stop making excuses for never having time to get things done. That is until she takes on 3 new things to do and then wonders why her stress level is off the charts again. Ah, school daze is here!


Shelley said...

Absolutely lovely girls. I'm glad to hear that they are settling in nicely. I hope that you will learn to say "No" and therefore keep your stress levels low. Enjoy your latte......

Kat said...

Aren't they cute in their dresses? And you let her wear a white dress to school?! Madalyn has ruined more gymboree outfits than I want to think about by wearing them to school. With the glue. And pens. And sharpies. oh my!

And yes...formatting for blogger is so strange. And random.

Shannon said...

Look at those smiles!! So cute!

We'll have to get together now that our days are free! WOO HOO!!!! Maybe a matinee, or a lunch date... 11:00 isn't too early for a cocktail, is it? hee hee!

Angela said...

Oh my goodness, I absolutely cannot believe they are old enough to be going to school. It's just not possible. Because if they are THAT old, that makes me... well, never mind. LOL!

Angela said...

PS Just checking to see if my button shows up in my photo spot when I leave a comment. I'm borrowing your comments section to test it out, LOL!

Therese said...

too cute!

Connordog said...

They are so beautiful!! And I love their outfits.

Michelle said...

I'm very proud of you for getting the green frosting out. I'll be honest in saying that I had my doubts!

So out of curiosity, how do you feel about them being a year apart in school (e.g., one immediately following the other into a grade)? I'm a little leery of it with my wee ones (22 months apart but 1 year apart in school) as I remember the horrible younger children that were one behind fro when I was growing up.

Enjoy your free time!

Rhea said...

Beautiful girls, adorable outfits! They do look a lot alike. Both such cuties.

Glad they love school and that mommy's getting a break!

Nik said...

Awwww - they are just too much.

They grow up so fast ;/

Kelly said...

Good clothes choices the 1st day and the real first day of school for both girls. I'm glad their having a good time so far...and Mommy is starting to enjoy Mommy time!


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