Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Hair Raising Adventure

This past weekend marked a big milestone in my girls lives. They each had their very first haircut. This has been a long time coming. Big A is creeping up on 4 years old and her hair (as you'll see) was completely out of control. Little A, at 2 years old, just needed some evening out of her wisps.

Little A wasn't too thrilled with the lady who had to comb out the mega-tangles from her hair. Maybe NOW she'll let me do it the easy way at home.

Big A finally got over her fear of having her hair cut. She was actually jovial during this little event.

Little A was pretty good at following directions. She only moved her head about 100 times, instead of the 150 that she normally would have. Consequently, we have a little uneven line in the back. Oh well.

Check out the length of Big A's hair. CRAZY. She was born with a head full and we have great hair genes in my family. Contrary to popular belief, we do not put Miracle-Gro on our kids hair.

Here's Little A after her trim. That face! She finally has even bangs and pretty even length. She couldn't wait to jump out of that chair.

Big A is getting the final amount of length taken off. We opted for no bangs and only had about 3 inches of length taken off. Just enough to even it all out.

Little A got a gold star for her bravery. Not her listening skills.

Big A got a gold star too, for finally being a big girl and getting that first haircut. We're so proud!


Shannon said...

I cannot believe how long Big A's hair was! Wow!

I threaten mine with getting haircuts since they can't keep their hair tangle-free. I'm talking pixie-cut short, like Demi Moore in "Ghost".

CrystalChick said...

Wow, that's some serious hair! What sweet little girls. Hooray for their gold stars. Nice haircuts!

Lula! said...

They are gorgeous. What a fun post, Angie!

Kat said...

OMG - I had no idea her hair was that long. She must have it pulled back in most of your pictures. You could totally do a locks of love donation.

And my girls do the same thing - Madalyn has bangs, and Katie doesn't.

Sonya said...

Oh my gosh...what gorgeous hair they both have!!! And such sweet little faces!!

I am glad I have a boy as I have no clue how to do little girl hair..I would have to take a class if I had a daughter that had hair as long as Big A's!! :) Either that or it would always be in a pony!

Such good girls!

Take Care,

Angela said...

Oh, I'm going to cry!! Wow! I had no idea Big A's hair was that long either. it just didn't look that long when she was here, but now it looks like she could double for Rapunzel! SO cute! thanks for sharing the pics of this big event!

Jen said...

Look at those sweet girls and that hair, beautiful. I will my little girl's hair would grow. The boys have better hair than her.

Rhea said...

They both have GORGEOUS hair! I can't believe how long Big A's was. wow. Pretty though.

Michelle said...

Are you kidding me? I can't say which part I'm more amazed by... this is truly the first haircut for each or that they have so much hair.


Have you seen the pictures of Little Miss? She's 3 and looks like she still is mostly bald. And she's had probably 3 trims to try to even it out, but those hardly took anything off and it's still not even to her shoulders.

I think I hate you. Or maybe just them. I know my mom definitely does ;)

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Holy CRUD!

Gert was born with TONS of hair, had tight, curly piggie tails at 4 months, and finally last fall, after taking 45 minutes to brush her hair, I had enough and we got it cut. She looks like Dora now and she LOVES it.


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