Saturday, August 9, 2008

Prima Ballerinas...A Final Bow

After 7 weeks of classes, my girls had their Princess Ballet class finale. Thankfully, at this age, there's no expensive recitals or things of that sort. It was a bunch of parents, in a hot warehouse, looking through a glass window at their little girls having some final fun for the summer. The teacher let each girl pick out their favorite dress from the 8 different gowns available. I find it hilarious that 7 of the girls picked the blue Cinderella costume. Little A, being a trendsetter, was the lone pink Cinderella gown. She's such a rebel. Here are some of my favorite pics from the day.

Big A, sitting just as perfect as can be. Awaiting her turn to shine. (She's the one in the middle)

Big A dancing away. This pose struck me as funny. She looks like she's doing Riverdance as opposed to ballet.

Some of the class participants. There's my little rebel. This might have been the only point at which she sat still.

Little A with the "look of the day". She wasn't particularly happy to be there. Oh well.

I love this pic of Big A flying through the air. She had her best class of the semester and it showed.

Little A spent most of the time staying away from everyone and causing mischief. She gets that from her Dad's side of the family.

Speaking of Daddy, here he is with his girls.

After costume time is finished, they are encouraged to grab pom poms and use them as weapons litter the studio with straggling pieces shake them and have fun.

Little A doing a stretch. Or just horsing around. Again.

The girls are rewarded with stickers at the end of class for a job well done. Big A got 2 stickers. She was quite proud.

And there is the smile I love!

This is video of Big A's shining performance. She was so cute trying to do all the things the instructor was asking. She looked so grown up. Sorry about the audio on this. All you can hear is background noise from the warehouse we were standing in. I shot this through the glass. Enjoy!


Michelle said...

Ok, I have to ask... was it worth it for you to have both of them in there? It looks like there are 8 kids in the class (JUST from this clip, so I have no idea what's really going on) and only two are into it and getting taught -- I do love the high fives when they complete something though! Do the other six really learn anything at this point?

I'm debating whether or not I should enroll Little Miss now that she's 3. But then I think back to my friends who enrolled their daughters two years ago and how the girls didn't get dance at all at that point and the recital was a disaster. At four it was better, but ... right now I haven't even looked into when classes are offered, but I'm interested in your take.

Shannon said...

Simply adorable! I LOVE the fact that Little A chose pink when everyone else chose blue.

Are you going to continue the dance classes? What do you think of Alicia's new studio?

Jules said...

Awww..... too cute. These times go by so fast, don't they?

Angela said...

Adorable! I love the look on Little A's face in the pic with Daddy. She looks safe and secure and the look on her face says "I'm about to find me some trouble to get into...or else put a hex on somebody!" That face is too mischievous!

Kelly said...

Congratulations, little ballerinas!
They are so adorable in their princess've got to love the originality of Little A at this young age!!
Big A looks like she was the star of the class.
And I can't believe any little thing with that cute face is mischievous!!

Kat said...

I love this! And I love that they did not have a huge recital with million dollar costumes that you'll never wear again. Seems like it was just perfect for their ages. Work with the ones that want to...and let the others do what they want as long as they are safe.

I think the whole point of classes at this age is to get them used to the idea of following rules. And still having fun. And most importantly, giving mom a break :-)

texasholly said...

They are so so so cute. I love the costumes. I would want the pink one. They look like they are having a lot of fun.

Ronnica said...

I love that little A went a different route. I'd probably have picked the pink one at that age too, but freaked out if I saw that everyone else was wearing blue.

Nik said...

This is just the CUTEST!!! There was a bigger picture when I was 'assigned' boys because I just melt looking at those girls!

I LOVE the rebel pink!!

Nik said...

This is just the CUTEST!!! There was a bigger picture when I was 'assigned' boys because I just melt looking at those girls!

I LOVE the rebel pink!!


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