Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

I haven't done a Thursday Thirteen in a few weeks now. I keep getting side-tracked with all the madness fun stuff that's been going on. We're heading into a very busy weekend and next Tuesday is going to be a momentous day. Yes, it's a national holiday my birthday, but that's not even the MOST exciting thing happening that day. It will be Little A's 1st Day of Preschool! I'm really excited and really sad all at the same time. I simply cannot believe that little munchkin is ready to start school 2 days a week already. Where does the time ago?

So, before I start singing "Cat's in the Cradle", let's lighten things up here. First, I made mention of a little giveaway that I'm brewing. It's going to be cool and announced here on Sunday, so stay tuned!

Second, I love lists and I love gifts, so I REALLY love it when I can combine the 2. And so, I bring you:

Thirteen Gifts I Would Buy Myself for My Birthday (if I had the cash)
*And this is in NO WAY meant to be a hint dropper. It's just fun and I was running short on fab blogging ideas.

1. I am a purveyor of kitchen tools. I am currently coveting a Japanese Santoku knife to add to my cooking repertoire.

2. Since I am trying to reignite my love of reading, there are a couple of books that I would like to add. I loved Jen Lancaster's first book so much, that I want to get her 2 follow ups. "Bright Lights, Big Ass" and "Such a Pretty Fat"

3. On my trip to Maine this past May, I finally acquired a pair of incredibly comfy L.L. Bean flip flops. I want another pair. I've worn this pair almost every day this summer and they're quickly approaching worn out status. The good news, they're on sale right now!

4. I love chocolate. Godiva chocolate more specifically. The milk chocolate truffles show up in my dreams frequently. Mmm mmm mmm.

5. Since I'm going to jump back on the weight loss bandwagon VERY soon, I need an appropriate receptacle for my iPod while I run. I have yet to find earbuds and an arm band that will work. It's very frustrating. Any recommendations out there?

6. With all this weight that I'm going to lose, I'm going to need to buy new clothes. What a shame. So, an Old Navy giftcard would be at the top of my list.

7. It's no secret that I love to take pictures and I'm hopelessly inept when it comes to using my DSLR that I got for my bday LAST year. I need a workshop where an expert can show me how to use this silly thing (because I am NOT reading the owner's manual).

8. And after I master using my DSLR, I would go buy a copy of Photoshop so I could make my pics look even better. Oh, and I'll need a workshop on how to use Photoshop. See reason above.

9. I am slowly but surely getting caught up on my scrapbooking endeavors. A couple of things I would get myself are a prepaid plan with Shutterfly so I would actually PRINT a fraction of the 2000 pics that I've uploaded in the last year. And then, I would drop a load of cheddar at one of MANY local scrapbooking supply stores.

10. Something that I enjoyed tremendously as a younger person (ahem) was horseback riding. I am dying to go again. I'm not talking barrel racing. Maybe a trail ride or something.

11. And after that horseback riding adventure, and all this exercising, I'm going to need a spa day. Yes, a spa day full of massage, manicure, pedicure, & waxing. The whole kit & kaboodle!

12. I love B&B's. I've stayed in a few different ones and so far, I've yet to be disappointed. I would love a weekend at our local Stone Fort Inn or drive up the road to Whitestone Inn. Ah, can we say "relaxation"?

13. And finally, I would acquire a full time personal assistant to do housework and other silly tasks that take away from me spending time with my family and my hobbies. Wait, this belongs on the list of "Things I would do if I won the lottery". Oh well, how much do you think an assistant for the day costs?


Lula! said...

OK, I was right with ya on the Godiva truffles (we should eat those and watch Lost!), the Old Navy gift card, and my recommendation for ear buds...

then you mentioned scrapbooking and my heart stopped. I have to walk away now. Caroline will be 3 in October. I'm still working on her pictures at 6 months. DO NOT GET ME STARTED. Oh, the heavy weight of guilt...

But happy early birthday, anyway!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

You forgot "Hang out with HTL for a day"

Jess said...

AWESOME List!! I think there should be a birthday wish meme.. LOL Everyone has one everyday.

MomDot Street Team

Nik said...

ooooh -in case I forget on Tuesday, Happy Birthday, I hope you have a magical day.

As for your list - I love how you are very grounded and not too lofty with your requests. I mean, I do hear that Jupiter is a wonderful gift to WISH for - but not very logical...everything you picked is.

Connordog said...

Great List!!!

I can recommend the Bose earbuds for the IPOD. I have small ear canals and these have little buds that come in 3 sizes and they work well for me.

Also, come to Atlanta and I'll go trail riding with you!!!!

Jules said...

How did you get my wish list on your blog? LOL

Shannon said...

I wouldn't mind all this stuff, too! See, I'm copying you again!!! :)

Kat said...

Happy Birthday a little early. Because I am horrid at remembering special events. And will forget by Tuesday. Or I may just surprise us all. But not likely.

My husband just got some earbuds from ebay. He had some strange way of getting them cheap - something about how they are mislabeled. I'll have to ask him.

And those Santuko knives. I see them "wished for" everywhere. Why didn't I get one when I had my Pampered Chef show?

And I have some old navy gift cards we won. And my kids don't like anything there. Hmmm...I think I am getting an idea for a give away!

Ronnica said...

Numbers 4 and 5 seem a bit contradictory...

Ronnica said...

Numbers 4 and 5 seem a bit contradictory...

Rhea said...

Wait a sec...Kat has Old Navy giftcards she isn't using?! Did I hear that correctly?! My kids LOVE Old Navy. Goodness gracious crazy women.

Wait, this comment's supposed to be about Angie, sorry. ANGIE, love your wishlist, I'm right there with you on all of it. I love playing pretend.

Angela said...

Love the list! You've inspired me and I just may do a THursday 13 on my blog. Maybe it'll be posted late, but I'll be staying up this evening to watch the women's final, so I guess I'll be up anyway, LOL!

And yeah, I can identify with nearly everything on here. Especially the truffles. A coworker of mine (who's actually Belgian) brought in a real live box of Belgian chocolates this morning. I ate one and almost passed out. Ohhhh, they were sooooo good!

Michelle said...

Hey! What's the deal with doing a contest starting the day I go out of town for 8 days? That seems a little unfair!

Good list though. There are quite a few items on the list that I could use. But I think you need to do the spa day AT the B&B, so that gives you one more item to figure out.

Lyn said...

Just a SITS girl dropping in to say "hi"

That's a purty cool list, maybe you really should think about dropping it around the house to get some hints going on for the big b-day! Hope you can get at least SOME of these knocked off the list.

Jennifer said...

happy birthday!! :)

I am right on with your list!! We are here ( this is me pointing, two fingers, to your eyes and mine and back and forth ) ;) lol

I can't believe how much of your list I want also!! lol I am seriously going to need to bookmark you page and then come Christmas time come over here and get some ideas to give the family and the husband.

GREAT list!! I hope you enjoy your birthday!!



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