Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Lazy Summer Day

There is nothing better on a lazy summer afternoon than a pool and grilling out with friends. We're very fortunate to have several friends who have these kinds of amenities and are lovely to invite us over to enjoy them. These pics are from our outing last weekend to my friend Pam's house. Pam doesn't have any kids, so this was a new adventure for her. We all had a blast!

First order of business. Take over the pool float and declare war on the rest of us.

The girls had so much fun. Big A rarely wiped the smile off her face.

This is Mario. He's a trip. This is 1 of Pam's Italian Greyhounds. See that look of mischief in his eyes? Yeah, you have NO idea.

I love this pic of Little A. She's looking down at Mario. It's hard to pinpoint who caused more mischief that day. Little A or Mario?

And no visit by the pool is complete without playing on the porch swing. The girls LOVED this!

Every day this week, Big A requested that we move in with Pam because she REALLY likes her house. I have a feeling Big A is going to pick a new favorite house after we spend the weekend with my BFF.


Shannon said...

Little Miss has a t-shirt that says "a day at the pool is better than school"

Looks like the As had fun! Are they asking for a pool yet? Mine do, every time they go swimming at my mom's or over at a friends...

Kelly said...

Looks like they had a blast!! Do they both know how to swim? (I didn't see any swimmies, etc.)
I just have to tell you, your girls are gorgeous!! (and I still don't believe that Little A can be a little mischief with that sweet mug!!

Nik said...

It looks like ya'll had a FANTASTIC time!

That pool looks REALLY inviting.

Angela said...

They are definitely getting their swimming in this couple of weeks!! Hope you guys had as much fun as we did this weekend!

Belle said...

Little A looks like she's not so sure about Mario's intentions! Too cute!!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Your girls are so SWEET looking!! Just angelic.

You're laughing now aren't you?

Kat said...

So, how was the weekend? You need to let me know when you come again. I will totally be a heathen and miss church to get together :-)

Rhea said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I liked meeting Mario too. Kids and dogs and pool are a delightful mix. hehe


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